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Started by jordancolburn, December 30, 2013, 10:21:20 PM

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How much does that lens cover? would it cover 2.5k wide shot you think?

Quote from: lintel on October 10, 2018, 01:01:42 PM
Hello all - I'm a longtime lurker, seldom a poster. I've been messing with using my EOSM as a Digital Super 8 camera and I'm pretty happy with the results.

For the video below I used the following setup.

6mm f/1.2 Pentax TV lens (paper shim between lens and C mount-EOSM adapter, for infinity focus)
Tiffen Digital Diffusion 5 filter (reduces moire artefacts)
EOSM with latest ML build
18fps override (exact)
5x zoom
12bit lossless RAW
4:3 aspect
1440 x 1080

This video has effects applied - FilmConvert's Super 8 grain; FCPX native "aged film" effect applied very sparingly for jitter and a little dust; a telecine'd Super 8 black frame (keyed over footage). If there is interest, I can post the ungraded footage.


Quote from: Tullen on November 05, 2018, 10:41:00 AM
How much does that lens cover? would it cover 2.5k wide shot you think?

The Pentax 6mm f1.2 is for 1/2 inch sensors I think so will vignette anything beyond max resolution in movie crop mode (which is 1800x1030). I used that lens in a couple shots in the video linked here below at this res. See the shot starting at the 3:39 minute mark and at 4:10, and you'll see some vignetting in the top left hand corner:    (the other non vignetting shots were done with a stock ef-m lens).

If you want to avoid vignetting in 5x zoom mode (with 2.5k res) I think you'll need lenses that are at least for 2/3 inch sensors and above.


I test 3x3_mv1080-EOSM in 1736x1040 with a vaf AA filter and this is how great !!!

What we need, is a good liveview setting to frame correctly.
Because, with this mod, it's 1:1 box to frame...

Please, how to make it real good ?




I am new to MagicLantern. I would like to use it with EOS M. At the nigthly build section ( I see the latest build: "magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.EOSM202" has a failed test case. Can I use this firmware without any problem or should I use other version?


any way to change the "Canon digital ISO"  default value of 1 EV   to 0   or other values?
i can change equivalent ISO, Canon analog iso, and ML digital ISO.   but not the canon digital iso.   :(


Quote from: zsolex on November 15, 2018, 02:50:43 PM
...At the nigthly build section ( I see the latest build: "magiclantern-Nightly.2018Jul03.EOSM202" has a failed test case. Can I use this firmware without any problem or should I use other version?

The EOSM failed the "Null pointer test" -- something that hasn't been a problem with this camera. In addition:

QuoteThis build was tested, to a limited extent, in QEMU (a virtual machine modified to run Canon firmware).
Please take the results with a grain of salt - this is not the same as running on a physical camera.

As far as using any version of ML, "without any problem," nobody can guarantee that.

However, if you want to expand the capability of this little camera--by all means give ML a try. If you do find problems, please let us know. This is an open source project so if you want to have even more fun, dive into the code.

Quote from: regularfellow on November 14, 2018, 06:46:22 PM
I test 3x3_mv1080-EOSM in 1736x1040 with a vaf AA filter and this is how great !!!

Which VAF filter are you using? I haven't found anything for the EOSM.


For the first install (EOS M) can I use SDXC card or only SDHC? I have read this on some webpage..

Walter Schulz

Outdated, restriction doesn't apply anymore.


I just put a Cheap ebay vaf filter for a 50d inside a eos m to eos adapter.
It works well.

But it's hard to frame with the 1080 3x3 option




Don't quite understand how you shoehorned that VAF into the EOSM but hey, all the more power if it works for you.

Yeah, framing is an issue. That's one of the quirks we're still struggling with.  The EOSM is always in LiveView mode and for some reason defaults to 1280p at 29.97 fps so getting it to shoot mv1080 at 24 fps was a real challenge.


sounds like if we get the 1x3 working properly on the eos m we won't need a vaf though. true?


just want to know how much of a difference with and without the movie crop mode.
Can anyone help?
P.S. when shooting RAW


Quote from: Teamsleepkid on November 19, 2018, 10:03:11 AM
sounds like if we get the 1x3 working properly on the eos m we won't need a vaf though. true?

That's right, in theory. It would also mean Dual ISO without aliasing. Again, in theory. The limit is the SD card write speed so you'll either have to settle for a smaller image size or very short recording times.

Quote from: youshouldtry11 on November 19, 2018, 05:04:00 PM
just want to know how much of a difference with and without the movie crop mode.

What exactly is your question? Movie crop mode records a smaller area of the sensor using 1x1 sampling while the nightly build (a.k.a. unified branch) in non-crop mode does 5x3 sampling. Confusing? Read more about it on this topic:

The crop_rec_4k branch allows you to shoot 3x3 sampling with a wide aspect ratio. Also, Danne has some highly experimental builds that can do 3x3 sampling but with a larger image size and using the full dimensions of the sensor. We haven't figured out  1x3 sampling on this camera yet.


Hello everyone!

I'm not sure how all this is going to fair up at the end but I thought I'd come here for a specific advise regarding my upcoming trip and other user's proven workflow, I'd looked and watched YouTube videos but I'm not sure if what I'm thinking is even possible...

Here is my current situation, I've accepted a self inflicted challenge (via our local filmmaking hub) to go into a unfamiliar place destination and record a 7 day blog using whatever equipment available.

2 weeks from now I will be in Sapporo Japan to visit a friend!

I only have these available for me to use.

1. Old IPhone 8
2. iPad Pro lots of memory (lumafusion and other video editing app installed)
3. Bought a Second hand Canon EOS M with lens etc... (all I can afford at the moment) with ML soon to be installed into a card.
4. Rode field shotgun mic.
5. Still to purchase memory card and reader.

I know that I will be shooting a few night scenes the reason why I bought the Canon EOS M better sensor so according to my iPhone 8 light sensor is just not up to the task of low light scenes.

My question to the community is this.

I am not really set up for raw recording workflow, from my research (YouTube) most of the people are all using LM to shoot RAW and would either have to go into a specific Mac desktop / laptop workflow to get a useable friendly format for editing, for this coming trip I don't have the time nor the set up, in addition to time constraints I would have to deliver some rough cuts in a day.

1. So with this in mind, I read somewhere here that I could disable the RAW recording in ML video and activate 3 x zoom, would this enable H264 codec? Just like recording in the native camera.

2. Would this then show up as an MP4 file format upon import on my iPad Pro via a card reader?

3. Is there another way that I can utilised all the controls ML provides without recording in RAW.

Lastly, so with ML running on the card, will it be advisable to install on a few memory cards? If take the memory card out of the camera and insert a new initialised card without ML installed, will my Canon EOS M defaults to the original firmware I gather? Sorry it's now late at night and my brain is turning into mush.

I apologised in advance if this is way basic questions for the community, I'm new to all this and due to the lack of time I have left, I'm trying to soak this all in.

Basically what I'm trying to achieve while I'm away is to be able to produce a 1-2 minutes Vblog using the equipment and App I have on my disposal. Maybe using my iPhone for day outside shots and use my Canon EOS M for less lighting situations.

If you get to read this far, I thank you in advance and in good groovy karma points! Hopefully I'd learn enough to do the same for someone in the future.



I never try without the vaf filter but it depends the lens you use for the aliasing.
I put it inside a cheap eos to eos m adapter, it's very easy to do it.
Today, the camera record greatly in full size sensor mode. But it's limited to the ability to frame
frame with the 1 : 1 ratio
But i say, developers, you are such amazing to change what change on this little camera !


@regularfellow - You are mounting the VAF filter inside the EF to EF-M adapter? Could you post a picture of that?


Yes but it's on a cheap one. So you have more space to do it.
It's a bad work with scotch, I am not as proud of it to share pictures of it. Sorry.
You just have to put any kind of filter between the lens and the sensor and it's effactive...


New version to found here:

These settings in Crop mode

Practically a port of some older stuff I had going before. New is 1x3_1736x1120 mode. CouldnĀ“t get any higher without corrupted frames. Talking corruption all setting have to go through Crop mode or Movie crop mode in this build since I changed the height 727 exception in raw.c to 1150.


Both 100D and eosm have their own quirks when it comes to giving up when increasing height in 1x3. Any help and hints here would be great. Got some good help already from both Bilal and levas and of course A1ex whose crop_rec.c code we are all using here.


Also possible to add 10 or 12 bit from the Crop mode submenu on top of a selected Crop mode setting:


Excellent. Now I suppose you need a new focus pixel map?


Hell yeah @dfort.
No footage yet but hopefully some of the downloaders could provide. There's a focus pixel map for the mv1080p setting already? Only one needed for 1x3 right?


GODLIKE. awesome danne


New version:


Can now read what registers being set in raw.c so exception for 10bit and eosm quirks is no t a problem anymore. Means that this build will work just as any eosm build(mv720p mode and so on) but with the extra features in Crop mode menu.


Awesome, Danne! Thank you so much for this!

Edit: I din't manage to get the CROP MODEs to work, but I only played around with it for 15 minutes. Will try more as soon as possible.