Converting from RAW directly to other formats?

Started by Pumplerod, June 02, 2013, 08:27:35 PM

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I love everything the dev team has been doing.  Thank you.  I would love to find a way to contribute and, while my programing chops are not near to what you've been doing, I thought perhaps I could attempt a tool that could decode the RAW video into files other than DNG.  I thought I would start with EXR.

Before I go too far I wanted to present the idea here so that someone more knowledgeable than myself could tell me straight up "that won't work for such-and-such a reason", or "great, start here...".  Hopefully the later.

I'm working on an OSX platform.  I've done some development with the Canon SDK so I'm not totally in the dark. 

An associated question...  The Development libraries support reading the standard CR2 files.  Does the RAW video file simply break up into a series of RAW CR2 images?


The RAW video format decompiles to individual 14bit DNG files. What would be useful would be an app that could decompile the RAW2DNG and recompile to ProRes 444 or DNxHD
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Just used MPEG Streamclip to convert sample 000123.dng to ProRes 4444.
Am I on crack or is that actually doing hi quality conversion and no new program is needed?
Can others check it out? ProRes4444 is good enough quality I think.
Also - mediainfo shows dng as containing RGB - 8:8:8 - ie 24 bits of data.
How exactly is the 14bit raw converted to that and what color space transformations are used?
Is it padded with zeroes or stretched to fit 24 bits?


The DNG-Files from raw2dng have a jpg-preview-picture, in a sub-IFD is the RAW "hidden". Give the cdng-Converters a try.

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Quote from: hirethestache on June 04, 2013, 04:21:17 AM
The RAW video format decompiles to individual 14bit DNG files. What would be useful would be an app that could decompile the RAW2DNG and recompile to ProRes 444 or DNxHD

Try this!
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I just turned my adobe media encoder to a RAW batch exporter. By adding the ginger plug-in folder to the adobe media encoder plug in common folder, the same way it,s done when adding it to the premiere pro folder. I can simply drag and drop all the raw files to the encoder making all the settings. Awesome!

Somebody made a tutorial how to create a ProRes template here. Rather slow but he gets the point out, eventually :)


Here are some other posts Re: EXR workflows.

With the cinema DNG converter getting close I think going into resolve and exporting it exr will be the best workflow.

or when NUKEPEDIA gets up and running and we can get the J_OP plug-in To import DNG sequences into nuke


I would also highly suggest THIS threat. It's the actually best solution for converting raw2cinemaDNG!
5D2 ML RAW + VAF-5D2b:


For the prores 444 or dnxHd I found an app called EyeFrame Converter
Looks like it has a ton of conversions including the above.  I'm new to those formats myself,. so I'm still doing research.


And of course the RAW2DNG GUI works fine. Also it can directly convert to ProRes

At least on the version I am using: raw2dng converter GUI for OsX
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