Best CF Card for RAW recording December2013-January2014

Started by fedemazza, December 27, 2013, 11:01:15 AM

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I have been looking around for one of those benchmark threads. Just returned a Transcend 64GB 1000x card because it got unusable after a couple of recordings.
Changed it (in the store) to a Sandisk 128GB 100MB/s (667x). This card really performed well with a stable 60-65MB/s write speed. However this seem to be on the edge of too low for my 5Dmk2 (1856x928) for continuous recording (that should be possible with a 1000x card according to Ted Ramasola here:

Tomorrow I will return the Sandisk 128GB in favor for a Sandisk 64GB 160MB/s. Hopefully that is good enough for highest possible recording on the 5D2.


Yes I can confirm , 1856x928 @23.976p is continous with 1000x card in fact with my Lexar 1000x I get [email protected] & 2048x872 plus audio on the Feb16th build (1872 no longer available on current builds) continuous . I also have a Sandisk 32GB Extreme 90MB/s Card with that I get 1792x814 23.976p 2.20:1 A.R. continous (write speed 58.3MB/s), about 8 minutes


I have the Lexar 1000x which performs great at 1920x1080 @ 25fps with global draw on.

I get 16 secs before frame skip @ 30fps global draw on, and 30 secs with global draw off.

My question is would I get any significantly better performance with a Lexar 1066x, or is it a limitation of the camera?



1080 @ 30fps needs 100+ mb/s which is the camera write limit... also theres no significant difference in write speed between 1000x and 1066x
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I'm going to buy the SanDisk SDCFXS-064G-X46  gold series (this one
Is enough for 1920x1080 continuous shooting in crop mode (canon 7d)? thx a lot! :)


Hello Guys,
Is there anyone who tried to use this CF card for shooting RAW?
I know there is EXCERIA PRO 1066x which has good opinions, but I haven't found any opinions about EXCERIA  1000x (without PRO).

I am looking for affordable  CF card for shooting RAW and if this toshiba works it would be great value for this money.

Cheers, Chris