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Started by Audionut, December 24, 2013, 05:15:27 AM

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Hi all,
Even though this is my first post,  have been a member here for over a year. The only input I have is that every time I come here with the best intentions to finally try to install and try out ML, I get overwhelmed with trying to sort out the issues and the installation details specific to my model. Even the Camera Specific forum is all in one thread with over 1300 replies. It's almost like I need to go find a dose of meth to stay up all night to read and sort it all out. I really don't mean to be critical and I'm sure there are plenty of members here that have it all figured out but I just don't get it. It would be nice to be able to browse through a camera specific category to see successes and failures alike. Just my .02 which may not be worth to much more. I am excited however to try out ML.
Canon t3/1100D

Walter Schulz

For most cameras there is a simple rule: Read first post of camera related sticky thread and follow instructions found there.


If you could tag specific posts so that they are invisible to the search engine, or just not included in the results, it would make it possible to search for an answer without ending up with hundreds of results where the reply says "Use the search engine". You'd also be able to hide answers that are outdated, misleading, or just plain wrong...