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Beginners questions
« on: December 23, 2013, 11:43:29 AM »
I just bought a 5DIII and read a lot of stuff about ML.
To sort all these information and do things right at the first try, I still have some questions:

- I have to install ML on a SD? Or is CF also possible? (max. 16 GB)? (I have already 2 x 32 GB CF and one 2 GB SD card)
- As ML is installed I can change the CF and after formatting ML will also be copied to them even if they are larger than 16 GB, e.g. 128 GB?
- Can I use two different CF cards - one with and one with out ML - so if I change the cards I change with or without ML? Or is there a way without reformating the CF card?
- What write speed do I really need for a 5DIII? I saw 1000x (150 MB/s UDMA7), necessary and used?

Thanks in advance and merry Christmas