raw2dng does not convert long takes

Started by Frank209, December 15, 2013, 12:57:48 PM

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Hi all!

Yesterday i've been out shooting with a new production company.
The director was stressing out over the day and kept doing extremely long takes, even after telling multiple times that I didn't want to stress out the camera.

He didn't listen, and kept telling the actors that they should "keep going!!".
So i've been converting a lot now and Raw files that are rather lengthy in take (1.5 to 3 minutes) are not converted by raw2DNG.
I'm not a fan of long takes, but sometimes it needs to be done, or you have a director that doesn't listen to the dop  ;D

Anyhow, am i doing anything wrong or does raw2dng not support a certain length?

Raw2dng version: 0.13     (MAC)
ML version:  21 august     

Shot on a 5D3 
Resolution 1920/1080

Anyhow, any help on getting the shots is greatly appreciated.
And the stuff that comes out if it works, gotta love it!



Also not sure what cam your on but if your on a 5d3, you can format your card exfat in your computer and record continuously for a while. Just make sure you dont format your card in cam after you format it exfat. I shot a 5 min 1920x818 (2:35:1) and the file did not split and it synced perfectly with my audio from my h4n. Using the comp bay cards on 5d3. exfat is the way to go for raw_rec. No split files