Author Topic: intermittent issues during display "wakeup"  (Read 1490 times)


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intermittent issues during display "wakeup"
« on: November 14, 2019, 11:52:32 AM »
I'm not sure if this is worth mentioning, but it may be useful to do. this is something i have been dealing with for almost 2 years.

first off, i'm using the gain reduction hack.

when i'm filming, i use the option to turn off the camera display when idle to save on battery drain between shots.  at least once per session, usually a few times, the display is uncooperative for waking up.  sometimes it will eventually respond if i press the menu button, or failing that, the play button.  occasionally it will not cooperate at all, requiring a power cycle.  very rarely, only twice in two years, it wakes up but the amplifiers take a very long time to settle, 5 minutes or more.  i didn't catch this while filming one scene, and it left me scratching my head in post.  when it happened again the other day (the first time was 6 months ago) i caught it in camera and waited to see the outcome with the long settling time, and all was fine again.

i'm using the crop_rec_4k.2017Dec19.5D3113 build -- i know, i know, it's old, but it's the only way i can do iso 111 "by hand".  whenever i have tried to update things don't work properly or at all.

i'm not looking for someone to try to troubleshoot that build.  i'm only curious if (other than the amplifier settling issue) anyone else has problems waking up their 5d3 occasionally.  i would estimate that the benign "hassle waking up" probably happens 10% of the time.

thanks in advance