MlRawViewer 1.3.3 (CDNG/MLV/RAW Viewer & Encoder, Linux/Mac/Win)

Started by baldand, December 09, 2013, 06:10:19 PM

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I mean it doesn´t play new footage. It´s just usefull in the first card, after that the app freeze.
I think some files are in a place like a subfolder, because after reinstall the settings are saving.

Now I am using MLV Mystic.


Can you take a screen-flow of yourself reproducing the error if possible?
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Is it possible to add the links of the download page on the first post of this thread ?
I have difficulty to find the last version.

Beside, I have a question to all users. I find it difficult to choose the colorspace that I really need. If I convert to prores, I will be safe with a rec709 or a lut near that. But when going to DNG, I always wonder. I'd like to keep it original and I am not sure what log it is. (if it is a log) can someone tips me on that please ?



Download link is here...

Please read the forums and/or Google is ur best friend even if ur not sure what a log is...

Maybe check out @Andy600's Cinelog-C to learn more about what it does?

Or here...

These two links only took me seconds to find... Please take the tendency to be more proactive.
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Hi DeafEyeJedi,

Thanks for the advice, but maybe my question was not clear enough.
I did not ask what was log but which one to choose in order to keep the original data from mlv to dng.



There is no log applied to the dng files. they are raw files. Compressed(lossless) raw dng files, that is.


For rendering ProRes or DNG files?

Any log/LUT you choose will only affect ProRes and not DNG files (if I remember correctly since its been awhile I've exported from MLRV) only because I've been using Cinelog-C which doesn't suit well with this particular app.

However, I still use it for previews of MLV's and such... Still a great tool!

IMO, it may seem most people go with C-log colorspace for ProRes files from MLRV to make it close as possible to gain the most for color grade but still lacks proper color matrices that you can get from other converter apps according to @Andy600 that @dmilligan's MLVFS (for mac) or @chmee's raw2cdng (for win) apps which have them, works well and are definitely worth checking out!

You can also play with 3D LUTS within MLRV to view certain looks and colors which may seem cool but IMO it doesn't duplicate the same as if you were using other converters I mentions earlier which included proper color matrices.

Your call, Alex!
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There is something strange going with this program.

I have a green stuck pixel unfortunately in my footage. I hoped MLRAWVIEWER could map it out. When I use MLRAWVIEWER and toggle the vertical stipe /hot pixel fix, it maps out the hot pixel! BUT When I export to DNG it still exports the hot/stuck pixel. Pretty strange! Is there a way to fix this? Rendering with the hot pixel fix baked in the DNGs? Now only in the preview mode.

Who else has this problem?
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Is there a way to batch export MLV to PRORES in MLRAWVIEWER and how?
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First set your export destination "Press W" then backspace to get back to MLRV.

Then make sure it's in QuickTime format not DNG prior to batch exporting (press C) I believe since I'm remembering all of these in top of my head if in doubt then read first post of this thread which has all the control shortcut key buttons enlisted.
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Just want to be sure :

Using one of the LUT (LOG-C, C-LOG, Rec709, etc...) when exporting into DNG is totaly useless, right ?



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 Nice player @baldand! Good job!
I have a small question though, as I read that there's a difference from cDng from raw2cdng and the dng, I tried both and in some cases the raw2cdng was a bit better in term of moire and pink aliasing. Now correct me if I'm wrong I'm still new to this and a bit messed up in my head.
So is there a difference with the conversion from raw to dng? Or they all convert the same way and it's the software u use later that makes that difference?


I am unable to batch export MLV files with 1.4.3 or 1.4.2.  Does anyone know how to fix this?  I am on a mac 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7 with Intel Iris Pro 1536 MB graphics.  I have set the export path (W) and then press (C).  The application immediately stops responding.  I am able to batch export with 1.3.3
Thanks a lot for any help.


1) if I export in .MOV rather than DNG format I will have less information to color correct after right ?
2)  Shift UP/Down does not add any 3D LUT, do you know how to fix it please ?
3) If I render HDR RAW on to DNG will I be able to merge correctly my footage after ? Same if I render to .MOV ?



1) it exports ProRes422 which is nice but I'd rather use DNG format that way I can export these into ProRes4444 which has more color depth.

2) sounds like you forgot to add the LUTS -- try pressing Shift + L to add them and then try again.

3) not sure. Doubt it'll work with .MOV but if use DNG's you may see flicker because one frame is going to be darker than the other (ISO 100/800 or ISO 100/1600) etc depending on your settings.

If you are on Mac -- try @Danne's cr2hdr-r app which works really well for HDR videos and as well as everything else! [emoji6]
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Thanks for the quick answer DeafEye Jedi ;) ! Really appreciate it ^^

Okay so for 1) you do tell me, I will have more room to color correct with DNG ? Just to be sure :p because I don't want to waste hard drive space for nothing
2) I did not forgot to load a 3D LUT, that's odd because I can activate 1D LUT, but not 3D, nothing happen when I press shift + UP (it is up arrow right ?) (maybe that's due to the fact I have an azerty keyboard, I don't know)
3) Unfortunately, I am not on a mac, I tried MLV converter and the results seems decent, but that would be better if I could have immediate HDR video (even not merged) instead of DNG.

Since you are a really nice guy that answers quickly and correctly ^^ I have an other quick question : there is absolutely no difference between Dual ISO for video and HDR video, these are just 2 names for the same effect right ;) ?


1) Only because I like using Cinelog-C and I can apply Cinelog-C's flat log into DNG's within AE but like many others have tried using .MOV with Log-C colorspace and color grade on that but according to my eyes -- things look better when using Cinelog-C as a starting point as oppose to Log-C from MLRV. There's no right or wrong in this...

You are the colorist here. Just play around and do comparisons with test files as I've previously done with myself as well which is how I learned and yet still am.

2) I'm just remembering all of this on top of my head and haven't used MLRV as of lately in awhile but I think it is shift + left and right arrow keys to go through the 3D LUTS... (Read first post for shortcut keys)

3) Ok well I don't know of any for Windows (there should be some out there tho) but @Danne's app cr2hdr-r does spit out converted HDR into ProRes files. Really NICE!

4) Dual ISO vs HDR are two completely different things. Each has their own strengths & flaws. Depending on your wants/needs. Please search the forum within ML or Google is your best friend.
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hi guys where you export where does the exported file go to


If you haven't already, press 'W' to set your destination for export.
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I exported RAW video to MOV by MlRawViewer v1.4.3. Video is OK in Windows Media Player. But some screens are broken in Vegas Pro 13.0. Please how can I fix it?