Getting a development machine up and running and developing.

Started by Audionut, December 11, 2013, 06:07:14 PM

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I recently set up a minimal (70mb packed, ~500mb unpacked) cygwin-x86 for compiling ml and its tools from anywhere w/o fuzz. I see no reason not to share it, but let me know if there's any problem with redistributing this. It's just a copy of cygwin + arm-gcc + exiftool + dcraw with non-en locales and non-eos arm targets removed for convenience. I hope it works for you, I really didn't test it that much in different environments...

1. unpack (or see below) archive to c:\
2. in c:\cygwin click "Cygwin Terminal" link
3. uncomment the line in /ml/Makefile.user & adjust other paths there if needed
4. edit /ml/ to match your camera's type and platform directory
5. run /ml/ ... your compiled ml will end up in /ml/ml-dist, copy that to card (& run eoscard)
6. from now on only run /ml/

To place the cygwin directory somewhere else change the shortcuts/.sh/.bat in the root directory or just create a junction c:\cygwin to the real directory. To update cygwin edit/import the .reg to match your path, run / and select "exp" in the top right for the newest version of the packages. To update gcc-arm get the newest one from launchpad and replace it in /opt.

Let me know if it fails catastrophically :-p so I can make some changes if required.


Ran into this and others may as well:

If your "make docs" or "make zip" build fails with an error after the words "This is pdfTeX" it may be that your LaTeX install did not include several fonts used by ML's document system.

To fix this on Linux systems, try:
apt-get install texlive-fonts-extra

That should install the missing fonts.

The next error I hit was a missing "pylab" module. This comes from:
apt-get install python-matplotlib
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Cool--a few of the tutorials that I wrote up made it on the list.

Thanks Audionut!

Looks like Compiling Magic Lantern with Cygwin/MinGW-64 is the one that is the most solid and some yet to be merged Windows specific code changes aren't required. The quick start guide allows short attention span users to get going in just a few minutes. There is even a shell script in the discussion that allows users to create their own nightlies almost automatically--though I'm not sure why anyone would want to do that other than because they can


Thanks for making them.  I've just added your mac one also. 

Feel free to hit me with a stick if I miss any.


For openSUSE "make docq" was also failing. The missing packages where:

For detailed error analysis when pdfTeX is failing, check doc/*.log