latest builds for 5D3?

Started by Sergey Pylypenko, December 06, 2013, 03:23:08 AM

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Sergey Pylypenko

It looks like after August 21 there were no new builds with RAW support for the best camera in the world.
Latest builds?


This is usually when I make a snide remark about not reading the forum, but I was genuinely confused by this too for a while so I'll be nice...


More specifically here:


Yes you need to read the forum.
Go to

And select  your camera

Sergey Pylypenko

... thanks a lot!
You boys did'n open a new world for me.  I tried 'nightly builds' many times exactly the same way as described in the guide before and every time I was getting massage 'files are missing' and the thing didn't want to work at all.  Now, thanks to your deep patience and 'magical' blessing, things went on  pleasantly different.
Patience, participation and a bit of sarcasm can do miracle for those in darkness.
Appreciate it a lot!


@Sergey Pylypenko. I think you are talking about Alpha 3, and you want to know if there is an Alpha 4 or Beta or smth else. So there is an answer for your question - no, there was no newer builds of ML for 5D3, just nightly builds and they are working great.


On a related note, does anyone know why mlv_rec module is still not included in the 5D3 nightly builds?


I was wondering the same thing. I thought i read something about it somewhere but i cant remember where it is. stuff gets kinda buried sometimes.


I can download the mlv_rec module in the Modules section of this web site, but for some reason I had problems adding it to the nightly build and it caused some crashes on me.

It'd be nice if it was included in the nightlies.


Quote from: Midphase on December 10, 2013, 06:45:27 PMIt'd be nice if it was included in the nightlies.

thought it is already. we will check.
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