Raw workflows using SpeedGrade CS6?

Started by mva, December 01, 2013, 07:19:21 PM

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I recently installed ML in my 5D3 (yes I set the bootflag! :o) and am thinking about workflows. I have Production Premium CS6 and have found some really nice ideas in this forum for workflows with ACR, AE, and PP, using dynamic link (which I've tried and liked), and also various workflows with Resolve (which I haven't tried yet but likely will).

I couldn't find much about workflows with SpeedGrade CS6, however. Since I have it in Production Premium CS6 (and won't be upgrading to CC anytime soon), I'd be really happy to hear about anyone's experiences -- positive or negative -- trying to fit SpeedGrade CS6 into their ML raw workflow.



I keep trying to use speedgrade and simply can't wrap my head around it, there are some nice tutorials but for some reason the user interface shrinks my image to a tiny square at the bottom left corner of the preview and there simply seems no way to find a solution to that... sorry if this is not helpful, all I'd like to say is I am in the same boat and would really like to be able to use this tool, being at disposal and all...
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i had that problem and all i did was upgrade my display driver to the latest version. I am using the internal HD4000 from my CPU for graphics display.