The result of filming raw over 6 months

Started by dude, November 18, 2013, 09:17:27 PM

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Hi guys.
Just wanted to share this clip i madeduring summer.
I shot raw on MK III , glidecam and Slider and also did time/ hyperlapse.
The idea behind this project is explained on the vimeo page.
It was really fun shooting this, the only thing i hated was rendering out- 12 hours.. found a mistake... 12 hours again...

If you have any questions regarding the workflow, fell free to ask me.

Some tech stuff:
RAW Workflow with Magic Lantern:

Check newest Magic Lantern builts every day. Record. Check footage, write down timecode and some meta data, import video and audio, double safe.
There was no post workflow that satisfied me, i do not want to work with davinci, so i had to figure out my own.
Transferring RAW to DNG. Importing DNG in After Effects. Doing wb, lights and stuff in ACR.
Import into sequence. Create proxys.
Open in Premiere.Doing everything except colour correction and degraining. Uncheck proxys, cc. Sidenote: I really love Magic Bullet Colorista. It also works in 16 bit, and it can do everything Davinci can.
Animated masks, keying, working together with Magic Bullet Looks.
Also the Magic Bullet Denoiser works great for me, Neat Video was not stable and did not get the results i wanted.
(Check this: If you turn on "Motion" in Magic Bullet Denoiser, rendering time almost doubles)
I had like 200 GB of RAW Material, plus the cr2 files from timelapse and hyperlapse.
The final export took 12 hours.
Thanks to Magic Lantern RAW, i had full 14 bit video. Did not export the whole 6:30 min clip uncompressed yet, but expect it somewhere at 30 GB.
There is no comparing to 8 bit video, "normal" dslrs gives you. It`s not about resolution, 4k, 120fps and stuff
-it' s all about dynamik range.

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Quote from: dude on November 18, 2013, 09:17:27 PM

-it' s all about dynamik range.

You are wrong: It's all about the man behind the cam and in front of the computer!  :D

This is one of a few videos i watched here without thinking about noise, whitebalance, blown highlights etc.,
just captivated by watching the content.
Really excellent work.....Voll krass Alder!

√úbrigens: Wollte der Kunde wirklich die Szene bei 2:35 im Film haben?
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haha thanks a lot, i really appreciate that!
The video was not meant for commercial purposes, i do not earn one cent with it.

(Also gab es keinen Kunden, dem dies auf die Eier ging ;) )


Dude, just wonderful video, very nice indeed  :)  the rider also freeking good.

I have made a bike video (h.264) in the past but the difference is... "how to put a rider that don't ride so good looking good?"   

Keep the good work  :D


Dude, I liked watching your movie. Good work. I was wondering how you did all those camera tracking shots that moved to various positions following the guy on his bike? Like around 5:20 or so in the movie. 



I filmed this with a steadycam. I just made a little behind the scenes/ leftover clip which i want to publish within the next days, but feel free to preview it, there you can see the steadycam.
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Critical Point

Wow, great video man. What I want to know is how did you make those first shoots, where you moved around with the camera and the people are frozen.
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Dude, Awesome stuff Dude! hah. really dug the amount of creativity put into it as a whole.

For the hyperlapses did you just use warp stabilizer in AFX or a tracker?? I can never get my pictures as perfect as i want...


im a bit confused... that opening shot is also raw or that's just an opener?


yes it s all raw, beside some time/ hyperlapse


Great video. Love the introduction, great idea ;)


great stuff.
can you explain how you did this opener scene? the freezed scene looks great? how is that made?
thank you


Quote from: swinxx on November 02, 2015, 08:29:44 PM
great stuff.
can you explain how you did this opener scene? the freezed scene looks great? how is that made?
thank you

Indeed, it is actually great and please share how exactly did you create the opener scene @dude?

Excellent stuff once again and Thanks for the subtitles as well!
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That was epic Duuuuude!

very cool! love these types of creative nuances and it takes some proper vision to accomplish!

Bravo! Supergeil Dude!


Hi and thanks a lot, vielen Dank!
For the opening... it s a pretty simple way of a "fake timeslice",
the people stood there, not moving at all while i ran through the scene with a steadicam. Tracked several parts of the scene and added the 3d elements.
For shooting outdoors, it s important to check the trees and gras and everything that could be moving due to the wind.

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Haha so kind of you, i am getting ashamed ;)


", the only thing i hated was rendering out- 12 hours.. found a mistake... 12 hours again..."

thants why i render "quicktime" file.... when in Premiere or AE.
Later i convert that file in a h264 file for vimeo/yoputube. (via quicktime pro)
If i found a mistake. i can easily drag the file in the AE/Premiere Composition...
only edit the "mistake".. and click render again. and than it only takes a couple of minutes to render.