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PAL mode in HDMI output
« on: November 16, 2013, 02:35:34 PM »
I have Canon DSLR cameras (550d, 70d, 6d). When i connect them to Atem Television Studio (device for broadcast) via HDMI, ATEM "see" them just in NTSC mode. In cameras i have both modes PAL and NTSC, but nothing happens when i change it on cameras.

If connect other cameras, for example, GoPro Hero - it's all ok, PAL or NTSC, as you wish.

I concluded that Canon DSLR in HDMI output have 1080 30p\NTSC and you cant change it, even you have PAL mode in camera.
Sooo, maybe ML can fix it? Or somebody know answer for my question? I from Europe, so PAL mode on HDMI is critical for me.

P.S. Sorry for english :)