Possible to record longer than 30 minutes with exFAT without HDMI recorder?

Started by ChrisContiPhoto, November 08, 2013, 12:19:27 AM

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Hi all,

My apologies if this is a silly noob question, but I've searched high and low and can't find the answer.

Is there any version of Magic Lantern allows us to circumvent the 30-minute limit (without needing an HDMI recorder)?

(Background: As most of us know by now there are normally two limitations when it comes to recording length with stock Canon DSLRs: First, there is a 4GB file size limitation due to the FAT32 file system, which with the stock firmware video bitrate translates into about 12 minutes. Also, there is a completely arbitrary 30-minute limit so that in certain European countries Canon can avoid paying taxes on these cameras as video cameras.

While FAT32 only allows files up to 4GB in size, the 5D3 and certain other cameras support the exFAT file system which allows virtually unlimited file sizes, so if Magic Lantern were able to isolate and remove the arbitrary 30-minute limitation, the file system limitation would no longer matter.)

[EDIT: I'm actually interested in recording the native H264 video, not raw video. Greater than 30 minutes of RAW video would be an incredible amount of data, but with the 1080p24 ALL-I 91Mbps bitrate, a 32GB card could, if it weren't for the arbitrary 30-minute limitation, theoretically hold 48 minutes of video. A 64GB card could hold 1hr36min in a single, continuous clip....]


Tried to patch it out without much success... its a lot of patches so I'd say no.


Damn. Bummer.
The native H.264 video on the 5D3 looks good enough that it would be really worthwhile being able it use it on longer-form documentary, event and corporate type stuff.


I agree, this would be awesome!  I don't want to spend the money on the atomos, or others like it, just to record more than 30 min.


Prob the easiest thing is to verify movie restart works. >30 min is a lot of eggs in one mov


The problem with movie restart is that it seems (from what people say) to have a lag or gap between the two clips of somewhere from a fraction of a second to a whole second. That won't work for my purposes unfortunately. I need it to be gapless.


Can someone confirm my findings? Formatting as exFAT doesnt circumvent the 4GB file limit on H264.
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