Author Topic: Req: correct/fixed lens_format_aperture() & lens_format_shutter()  (Read 1943 times)


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The current display of 1/xyz shutter values or f/xyz aperture values in ML is not "correct" as it doesn't correspond to the Canon steps with 1/3ev and 1/2ev  exposure level increments, but is simply calculated by dividing the 8-step av/tv values.

This seems a bit strange and hackish (it's one of the first things I noticed when installing ml back than), and for display in the core and in modules (like autoexpo and auto_iso) there could be ...

* a fixed lens_format_shutter() with SYM_1_SLASH that adheres to Canon
* a new and correct lens_format_aperture() function with SYM_F_SLASH

I know this is not exactly essential, but if someone comes around to it, it would be very nice to have :-)