5D Mark III RAW 720p 60fps framing guide aspect ratio is off.

Started by amsh89es335, October 20, 2013, 12:30:35 AM

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The framing guide is wrong when I am shooting in RAW mode at higher frame rate is wrong. For instance when I set it to 720p 60fps mode and set the size to 1600x800 (or any size) at 2:1 (or any aspect ratio) frame guide is taller than whats actually being recorded. I don't have an accurate way of knowing where the frame on top and bottom is being cropped. It looks like when I set it to 2:1 its show close to 16:9 or 1.85:1. It does this for all the aspect ratio. But only in the higher frame rate mode. If I go to 1080p 24fps or 30fps mode and crop down to 1600x800 2:1 (or any size and aspect ratio) the guides are at the right aspect ratios. Is there a setting I am not aware of, I am running the latest build magiclantern-v2.3.NEXT.2013Oct19.5D3113.


Please take the time to explore the forum and search for answers.  We have spent a lot of time preparing information and manuals and you need to read before you post.

60fps -- RAW video Post-Processing Workflow
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I did read this this post. This is not the problem I am asking about. I am talking about the frame guides is much taller on the camera while shooting then the aspect ratio set and achieved in post for stretching.  I understand all the post work and its works fine.