Can ML communicate to devices outboard of camera?

Started by JohnBarlow, October 16, 2013, 06:56:38 PM

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I am looking at an outboard motor driven follow focus device and wonder whether ML can be used to control it.

I am thinking maybe ML can communicate thru USB for sending and receiving control commands to this device.

Can someone expert in the ways of ML tell me if this can be implemented?


You can use PTP for bi-direction communication with the camera (just write a custom PTP message and handle it from ML PTP module). You obiviously need a custom board that can speak "PTP" (Linux-powered ARM board?)
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A few posts and builds in this area:

PTP libraries are found everywhere for many platforms. For prototyping purposes, consider: (Arduino)


It would be nice if people share this projects. Some one in this forum make an arduino + motor controlled with the camera for time lapse... but look like that never more we hear about the code/project  :(


Thanks guys, you just made my day !!!

So ML can speak PTP through the USB, well waddiya know, thats fantastic