ML Auto Stops recording 260-268 frames

Started by JeffCFilm, January 23, 2014, 02:12:40 AM

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Hi all

So today I decided to make the plundge into RAW recording. I have got everything running... or so I thought.

While shooting test footage I noticed as it was recording it showed the expected frames well over 300 an continued growing. However no matter what I seemed to do the firmware forced it to stop recording after 260 frames and no more than 268 frames.

I have searched for hours on the forums and still cant find anything to answer my question.

Here is technical info on the build I have installed.

Build is from August downloaded here: (August 21nd files)

I am using a Lexar 1000x 32gb card. I have two and both cards do the same thing.

Any ideas??

I am stumped XD



I did try that. The most recent nightly build is showing an error on the camera that says retry when installing the new firmware.


You're not supposed to install firmware with the nightlies.

Make sure you follow the guides available here religiously, or consider purchasing the EOSHD manual.


I have the nightly build working however it seems to still shut off after just about 0:04 seconds.


You're going to have to provide more details about your camera, resolution etc if you're expecting some help.


thanks for the reply. I am shooting on a Canon 5D MKIII at 1920x1080 at 30fps. I installed the nightly build and it still seems to start skipping frames around 260 frames in. Also I am not sure if I am doing something else wrong but the RAw2dng file does not seem to be converting files now that I installed the nightly build. I am going to search through the forums more and see if I can not find the fix.

However the frame skipping has me stumped. I have two Lexar 32gb 1000x cf cards and have tried both of them. They both seem to do the exact same thing. Is there some way to test the speed of the cards? Could I possibly have defective cards?


I am not sure you can get sustained recording at 1080p in 30fps. I think 25 is about the limit that the CF bus can handle.

My advice is try 24fps and see if the camera can hang in there.

There is a way you can benchmark the card in one of the menus.

Also...make sure you're not accidentally recording on the SD card instead of the CF card...that's a common mistake on the 5D3.