[5D mark III] How long does it take to make A CLIP?

Started by bluewater, January 25, 2014, 06:52:59 AM

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I open this thread to share some information of times needed to make movie clips from RAW video.

Hello, guys.

I'm using ML raw video with my 5D markIII since it was released.
I bought fast CF sandisk 160MB/s card to shoot 1920*1080 RAW video.
I also set SSD, RAM disk storage and i7 quad-core system to convert RAW clips to Movie clips.

By the way, converting MLV to MOV(H.264) is still long and tiresome process for me.

I checked up the time to convert it.
I took about 30~40 times a clip's duration. (e.g. Making 1 min clip takes OVER half AN Hour.)  ---> It's 1920*1080 24p 8)

So, I want to discuss
How long does it take for you to convert RAW clips? (and via what workflow?)
It depends on a resolution and frame rate for sure.

ted ramasola

Here is some benchmarks I did awhile back. This is from 5dmkII footage but since its about post processing, it wont matter much.

full 64 gig 1000x CF
15 files at 3.99gig each total : 59.6 GB (63,997,534,400 bytes)
Length/duration: 15:08 min
# frames: 21,763

(depends on computer system, based on i7 quad core Windows 7 64bit PC )
time to transfer to HDD via 3.0 USB reader: 00:13.4 min.(depends on computer system)
time to merge and extract via RAWanizer:    1:12:00 min.

Comparing After Effects and Resolve to process DNG files then export

15:06:19 length
DNG to QT uncompressed YUV 422 10bits (112 gig exported mov)
Resolve:   00:56:32
AfterEfcts:   01:30:15

DNG to Cineform AVI HiHD
AfterEfcts:   01:19:00

Resolve:   00:45:00
AfterEfcts:   01:26:00

DNG to QT H264
Resolve:   00:25:00
AfterEfcts:   01:29:00

Resolve:   00:58:00 16bit 11.8mb/frame
      00:43:00  8bits  5.43mb/frame
AfterEfcts:   01:33:00  LZW  1.87mb/frame
5DmkII  / 7D


Thanx ted.
Was it a full frame clips (1920*1080)? Then it's interesting.

I tired Rawanizer at first. Though I can shorten the time to convert RAW clips (6~8 times the clip's length), the output quality was not good. So I seeked other way.

Now I use the last way to convert MLV to MOV(QT H264).
I do MLV-> DNG -> TIFF -> MOV using MLVBrowseSharp, Lightroom, Quicktime Pro.

I tried AfterEffects for 4:4:4 export. But I couldn't find a difference for usual scenes.
So I turned to Quicktime to make a MOV H.264. (The quality is the same as AE.)
Rather, the thing is Lightroom which spends MUCH more time than RAWanizer.
(It takes more than 90% of the whole process; It's about 30 times clip's duration.)

Anyone has an idea?

ted ramasola

Since I'm using mkII, I can only do 1728 x 972 with MLV+SND 16:9 but in resolve its resized to 1920x1080 and exported at full hd res. 
My work flow would be MLVbrowsesharp>DNGs>resolve(grade and edit if possible using ver 10.) >export to h264>final edit in premiere or edius.

With raw_rec it was slightly higher res but no sound.
5DmkII  / 7D