raw anamorphic in Haiti

Started by muffins2u, October 11, 2013, 02:10:13 AM

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Thank you everyone! Used all the info to shoot raw anamorphic on my trip in Haiti. Love the flexibility we get in post... I can shoot full uncropped raw now but I was in Port Au Prince with a older build that only allowed anamorphic.



stunningly beautiful! Was it shot on the 5D? What anamorphic adapter / lens did you use? Thanks for sharing!
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Yes on the 5d mark 3 but with zero adapters. All I did was select anamorphic size in ML. True anamorphic would require a real anamorphic lenses or/and an adapter. The glass I used in this short was Leica 35mm, 50mm and 90mm.

Thanks for the compliment!


does the sensor in the mark 3 make this footage look so beautiful cause my 7d dont shoot like that lol!!
great quality.  what were your specs in what you were shooting?


Fantastic looking video and loving those lenses!  :)

Maybe remove the word 'anamorphic' though because it's only frame cropped. ;)
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Yeah I'm afraid anamorphic isn't a ratio, it's specifically the vertical extension and compression. It can't just be done in post.