Speed difference between 16gb cf card and 32 gb

Started by FilmPerson, October 09, 2013, 08:52:11 PM

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So i got a komputerbay card today, but I'm chickening out and returning it because of rumors of the cards failing.  I really just need a tiny card to test the 50d raw video with.  I'd like to go with the 16 gb transcend 1000x card, but I've heard that they are slower than the 32gb.  Is this speed difference significant enough for me to spend an extra 50 right now for a 32 gb card?  Thanks in advance!


Why don't you just keep the KomputerBay CF card.

I've had zero issues with mine.


Because I've heard about them failing, and I'm concerned that I'll be on a big shoot and I'll lose my footage.  Really wish I didn't have to, but they sound a lot more dangerous than other cards from what I've read.


All consumer products fail.

I've seen Lexar, Sandisk, you name it, fail at one point of time or another.

You'll probably find more who has absolutely no issues but they are less likely to shout out about it.