Bad Banding

Started by audiocr381ve, July 05, 2013, 11:14:54 AM

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I shot a ton of footage on my ML 5DMkiii and discovered terrible banding in all of the footage.

I used RawMagic (I'm on a Mac) to convert the footage to DNG's. Are there any solutions out there for this yet?


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Very helpful, thank you.


You could try out Ginger HDR: (for premier & AE) might give more of an idea if it's the Magic Lantern Firmware or RawMagic.


I brought the RAW files into my PC and used Raw2Dng with the "vertical stripe correction" and it fixed that banding (and saved my ass). 

I did tests before with RAWmagic in the workflow and I didn't get any banding. I'm wondering if it's a setting I changed in camera? Very strange.

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