Cannot turn off LCD during recording on 5d2

Started by shayok, October 04, 2013, 10:09:13 AM

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It seems that unless I'm shooting with the lens cap on (or MAYBE some other completely static subject) I cannot get the LCD to switch off for unattended shooting. I have the following settings:

Prefs::Powersave in LiveView::Enable power saving = STBY+REC
Prefs::Powersave in LiveView::Turn off LCD = after 5 sec
Shoot::Motion Detect = OFF

If Recording is not on, the sensor and display do switch off; however if recording in on, it says "DISPLAY OFF..." every few seconds but then doesn't switch off. If I set "Turn off LCD" to 10 sec, then even the "DISPLAY OFF..." message doesn't come on.

If I set
  Prefs::Powersave in LiveView::Use Shortcut Key = INFO
I get similar behavior in the sense that it works when recording is not on, but during recording hitting INFO causes the LCD to momentarily switch off but then come back on again.

I'm using ML v2.3.NEXT.2013Apr20.5D2212


Can't reproduce.

Try looking at the calendar. I don't know where you live, but here it shows October.


Thanks for the suggestion, but I'll live with the Spring bugs, don't need the Fall (or Autumn, depending on where you live) ones.