Bars facelift

Started by stevefal, September 28, 2013, 08:50:23 AM

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How about something like:

("This is \c#ff0000[red]")
("This is \c"COLOR_RED"[red]")
Steve Falcon


I find this awesome!! But I have a doubt.. is this customizable? I think I read somewhere that it was.. but cannot find the setting anywhere on the menu.. am I doing something wrong? Is there a module I don't have?


Is it normal to see text in the bottom bar go smaller after ~2s when LV is activated?
Ah OK, I understood; after took a look in the code I see text size is dynamically change to fit on screen.


FYI, everyone who records GD off can't really use the red top bar indicator for raw :)


Hi, i'm using the latest Nightly Build for the 600D and i'm loving the current facelift.

One question, is the time indicator not working? i can't see it anywhere on the screen, so i have no idea how long my shot has been or much time i have left before it cuts off.

Thanks for any help, cheers!