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Started by joaomoutinho, September 26, 2013, 06:15:27 AM

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Hi guys,

I actually read the "magiclanter manual" and there is a link to "flaat picture style"

I aint got it. I am here to ask if someone uses this profiles? And if you do, what is it doing for you? What are the practical advantages to record raw in this modes? And how it affects the MLantern performance?

Thank you very much.


Picture styles does not affect performance in any way.

There are no any advantages or disadvantages while recording raw, because picture styles are the matter of jpegs and h264, they don't affect raw.

They are useful in shoting usual h264 because of lowered contrast curve, bringing up some of the shadows and highlights detail otherwise clipped, and may give you overall more filmic look, trying to mimic the film response curve.
Be careful, there is a trend to overuse them. Or better shoot raw and forget them all together )