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Started by dmilligan, September 21, 2013, 12:53:31 AM

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@dmilligan Well that's intriguing... If I enable external source and live view then it does ramp correctly


"External Source" triggers off of a change in GUI state to QR (quick review), basically this always triggers after picture is taken and the camera enters QR. When "External Source" is off, it triggers off of a CBR (callback routine) that is internal to ML called CBR_INTERVALOMETER. This should be getting called by the ML "core" after each time the intervalometer takes a photo. It appears there is something going wrong here and my cbr isn't getting called (i.e. the module isn't getting notified by the core when the intervalometer takes a photo like it should be). If I have some time and can manage to get QEMU up and running I might be able to debug it, but I have no idea what could be wrong, it doesn't make much sense.


 I'd love to try this out, but cant seem to find the right combination of nightly build and
I get the "wrong version (v5.0, expected v6.0)" when loading.
Is v6.0 available?
Does anyone know of  a nightly that works with v5.0?




@dmilligan Thank you very much!  It works. I've been testing it all day and I think this will be one of the most useful modules I've used. Still trying to figure some stuff out though...

I'm unclear about exactly what 'focus steps' are. Are these fixed units of distance, or are they relative to each lens' range? I hope I'm phrasing this right...
Does one step equal 1/5000th of a lens' range? This doesn't seem right, so why is the option for +/-5000?


It's different per lens. It's just the smallest amount you can move the lens focus motor.  Different lenses have different ranges. 5000 is just arbitrarily large to hopefully accommodate any lens.


I am a complete nubie. I have Aug 8 build of Magic Lantern running fine on my 7D. I copied adv_int to the module folder and it appears in the menu, but when I activate it in the Module Menu and restart the camera, I get the following error message:

tcc: error: undefined symbol 'get_config_var'
tcc: error: undefined symbol 'set_config_var'
  [E] failed to link modules

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Walter Schulz

Delete AUTOEXEC.BIN and ML folder.
Copy extracted nightly contents to card's root.
Copy into module folder.


Aug 8 of what year? You'd probably get that message if you were using a build from Aug 8 2013.


I am using the 08AUG2014 nightly build.  Walter, I will try your suggestion as soon as I return from vacation Thanks.


Great module!!!
Can you  explain better how to use the keyframes for focus?


The value for a focus keyframe is the "number of steps" positive or negative from the current lens position (negative means closer IIRC). A "step" is rather arbitrary and depends on the lens. To figure out how many steps you want to move for your particular scene and lens, use the rack focus feature in the ML Focus menu (the "steps" talked about in that menu are the same as what I refer to here). Also make sure you have plenty of time between frames, b/c changing focus is somewhat slow (you also have to be in LV).


This is brilliant!  I can see so many uses for it.

Dmilligan, since you seem very up to speed on ML's intervalometer, I have a quick question.

Do you think it would be possible to create a setting in the intervalometer based on this formula:

shutter speed (dynamic) + write time (fixed) = interval.

That is to say, if I set my write time as 2 seconds, the interval dynamically changes to the shutter speed plus 2 seconds even as i ramp the shutter speed up or down.

That would be very useful!

Thanks for your input.



got the same messege as:

"wrong version (v5.0, expected v6.0)" when loading."
even thought you said you updated it download again, because i downloaded it today as of 2014.11.25 using this link:


What is the date of the nightly build you are using?


QuoteFrom dmilligan

here's an example, to ramp Av from f/22 to f/4 in 20 frames do this:

  • set the Av to f/22 in canon
  • go into ML menu
  • A > New Keyframe...
  • Select "Aperture" menu item and turn it ON (this means this parameter will be included in the keyframe)
  • Select "Create Keyframe"
  • go back to canon and change the Av to f/4
  • go into ML menu
  • A > New Keyframe...
  • Change "Keyframe Time" to 20
  • "Aperture" should still be "ON"
  • Select "Create Keyframe"
  • Go back up one level and select "List Keyframes", you should see two, T=1 and T=20
You can set keyframes based on time of day as well, just turn "Use Global Time" on, then in the "New Keyframe" menu under keyframe time, you sill see a time (hh:mm:ss) rather than frame # (and on the right side is the current camera time)

To change a keyframe you already created, you can set the keyframe time to the time of the keyframe you wish to edit (if you do this you will see a warning that you will be overwriting an existing keyframe).

I have installed the adv_int module on my 7D today and tried the above example. I have tried it both in manual and AV mode without any apparent success. Whilst the intervalometer takes a photo at the defined time intervals there is no change in the aperture. Each photo is taken using whatever aperture happens to be dialed in on the Canon at the time. Esssentially every photo is exactly the same bar any movements due to the time differences.

Have I overlooked some critical preparation step/s not detailed in the example? or does it not actually work on the 7D?

Any thoughts?  Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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Does it say "Ramping..." on the screen when the intervalometer is running?


No it didn't.

Today I decided to reset ML back to default settings and try again in case I had some conflicting setting enabled.

This seems to have resolved the issue. I aso changed the order that I established the intervalometer and advance intervalometer settings.

In this attempt I:
- set the key frames first,
- then enabled the adv_Int function
- then set the intervalometer parameters
- lastly enabled the intervalometer
- Turned on liveview.

In my original attempt the workflow was in the reverse order (I'll try his again and see if it was the issue, I expect not)

So I guess all good. Thanks for your efforts in developing and supporting this module.

Time to get more adventurous.

Cheers.... Otto
EOS 7D.203, EFS 55-250mm, EF 75-300 III, Tamron 16-300 DiII VC PZD Macro, SpeedLite 580EX II.


Is it possible to lower the interval to .5 sec instead of 1 sec either in camera or adjusting the code?






Would like to ask why isnt this module availble even in the latest nightly build (29/1/2015 ) for canon 60D? .Any ideas or does this module needs to be downloaded separately ?


Download link is here. (It is actually on the first post - please read!)

Add it into the Module folder within ML on your card.

Be sure to enable it on under Modules section in ML menu and then restart camera.

Good luck!
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