Author Topic: 1080+ Output settings for Vimeo/Youtube??  (Read 4624 times)


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1080+ Output settings for Vimeo/Youtube??
« on: September 19, 2013, 06:04:32 AM »
Hey guys,

What do you guys recommend for the settings when outputting or compressing 1080 or higher resolution for Vimeo or Youtube? Before on my 60D, I would output to 720 and my settings from Quicktime Pro 7 were:

video -
format: MP4 (h.264)
data rate: 10,000 kb/sec
Image size: 1280 x 544 (2.35 ratio)

audio -
format: AAC-LC (Music)
data rate: 256 kpbs
channels: stereo
output sample rate 44.100 kHz
encoding quality: best

But now I'm shooting with 5D3 and I just finished a 1920x1080 size raw video. And I plan to go higher down the road. My question, should I increase the "data rate" for the video side? Or is it overkill? I know Vimeo has a limit I believe, but I'm not sure about Youtube.

For those of you who are shooting at 1080 or higher res, what are your settings?

Thanks in advance
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Re: 1080+ Output settings for Vimeo/Youtube??
« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2013, 05:19:12 PM »
Youtube encodes worse than Vimeo. Don't bother throwing some optimized 4.000 kbit/s file at youtube, because it will re-encode that again to max 4.000 kbit/s (if 1080p) with a high loss of image detail. Use your 10.000 kbit/s and youtube will do its work. You can't improve youtube's encoding quality, however the better your original file, the better the quality if youtube decides to re-encode it later. Personally I throw simple 12.000 kbit/s files at it, as I think it just works fine quality/performance wise. I tested various sizes including 50.000 kbit/s -> don't bother with that high bitrates, because youtube will encode your master file and then encode again from that for user streaming.


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Re: 1080+ Output settings for Vimeo/Youtube??
« Reply #2 on: December 17, 2013, 06:26:58 PM »
I alway render my mp4 off the timeline that's the Key
Don't make a master file then render from that you are
Just stepping on it for no reason,
I have a  customs preset for 1080p
30Mb/s main color profile, level 5
6 frame reference multipass in apple compressor 
Just remember "Garbage in Garbage out"
All video sharing site will render what ever
You upload & to my knowledge they don't
Recompress the file once already compressed
For streaming .
Plus one more thing , make sure your Level
Are right. You need to be in the 16-235 color space
Not 0-255 full range color space