Author Topic: Help on 5D m2 Some brand new cards work and others don´t after ML install  (Read 1616 times)


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If there is a post similar to this please let me know as I haven´t found a solution for my problem

Last year I installed magic lantern in a Lexar 1000x 16GB and in a 32GB komputerbay 1000x. Everything was ok shooting RAW until one day, something happened, magic lantern disappeared from the komputerbay card, and in my lexar card started to give some problems when booting. Then everything worked fine after some hours.

But since then, I have been having troubles with the 16GB lexar card, sometimes was able to boot with it and others didnt so it became unstable. I decided to erase ML and go for h264 only in video. But also I had some problems with other cards, some works like a champ, and others cant be recognized. A 133x Sony card works well for example. But the 16 gb lexar never came to life again.

So last week I bought in amazon two lexars. An 8GB 800X lexar and a 16gb 1000X lexar...I thought that it could be some card corruption. But this is what happened.

Lexar 8GB 800x started just fine.

The brand new Lexar 16GB 1000x didnt boot the even didnt blink.

Anyone has an Idea of what kind of demon has got in to my 5D?.....

Thanks for your help

After reading some posts, I installed ML in the sony card, then I disabled the boot flag , the camera does start with the lexar 16gb card but only shows information in the top display, it doesn't let me use menus or shoot, it does let me focus and change shutter speed or iris...but thats it, no blink, no menu display...