Started by budafilms, September 18, 2013, 06:18:59 PM

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ML can develop get View finder - for the cameraman - and external monitor working at same time?

This is very important! If you work on this You know what I am talking about!

PLease! Last firmware have both working but we lost RAW!

Any advance?



on the 5d2 you can record raw at the same time you capture the hdmi stream
Clean no over lays.
5d2>hdmi out>Zacuto EVF pass-though hdmi>Atomos Ninja hard drive recorder for backup or dailies .
So i would think that it would be the same on 5d3.
Link to a video i make about it from the Capture from the Ninja.


I don't think that's what he's asking. I think he means can he view the signal both on an external monitor and on the built-in LCD screen simultaneously.

I don't think so. Today I ran some quick tests with a DP4 monitor and the moment I plugged the monitor in the HDMI out of the camera I lost the signal on  the built-in monitor.

The only way I know how to do it is to use the 1.2.1 firmware which unfortunately disables raw and ML, so I don't think this is possible if you want to record in raw.


If you have an android phone/tablet and DSLR controller app, you can have both LCD and monitor viewing together. I have a Samsung Note I (i717) and both that and my 5d3 lcd are displaying video. The downside is the lag in the monitor, but it's fine with me so far since I mainly use it for framing or when I'm in a position where I can't view the 5d3 lcd screen properly.
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With this firmware we can´t.
Like you say, only with the new firmware.
A really sad problem to put DSRL RAW in a professional mode, in a set.
You know how important is for PH, D, and other person get the ¨real¨moment in the shot.

I hope Devs can find a way. Maybe it´s impossible. I really don´t know.


Im hoping for it myself as I want to stream from the hdmi out of the camera using the teradek vidiu while recording (h.264 or raw) and using ML.
I appreciate that the developers are working on other areas of raw video and sooner or later someone will tackle the obviously tedious task of porting the whole thing onto the newest canon firmware