Author Topic: Offline/Online Workflow for Magic Lantern RAW, DaVinci Resolve, & Premiere Pro  (Read 6809 times)


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Hey guys, I'm sure a process like this has been posted here before in various forms but I thought I'd share a walkthrough I recently finished. Hope it's helpful!

"An offline/online post production workflow tutorial for Magic Lantern RAW video shot with Canon DSLRs. Uses Apple Automator, Rarevision RAWMagic 1.0, Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve Lite 9, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, OS X Mountain Lion. Footage shot with the Canon 5D Mark III."

Full write-up:

Thanks to:
Magic Lantern Team
Thomas Worth/Rarevision -
Jesse Borkowski -
Dave Thomas -
And Hunter for his LUT!


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This workflow is really fantastic; thanks for the tutorial.