Author Topic: Can't wait to hack my new 70D!  (Read 6293 times)


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Can't wait to hack my new 70D!
« on: September 07, 2013, 12:49:00 AM »
Hey everyone.  I just bought my first Canon DSLR, the new 70D.  I was a Nikon guy, but I felt if I was going to be shooting video on a DSLR, it better be a Canon. 

I'm a broadcast TV engineer, but I started in professional production at 17(those were the VX1000 days). Camera technology has come a long way, but I have been hesitant to jump on the DSLR bandwagon. I saw right away the benefits in quality, but ease of workflow and non ENG style cameras kept me away.  I'm only a day into owning this camera and I can tell I'm going to enjoy it.

I'm curious about one thing, doesn't Canon support the ML community? I know that developers haven't been able to work on the 70D yet because they need to get their hands on one first. I would think that Canon would send them a few. It seems that a lot of people have switched to shooting on Canon DSLR because of ML, so I would think having ML working on it ASAP should be part of their marketing.  Has anyone here ever presented any info to Canon about how many people are using ML?

Anyway, I'm excited to be a new member.  Thanks for reading!


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Re: Can't wait to hack my new 70D!
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2013, 01:23:45 AM »

.. afaik canon doesn't acknowledge ML as a contributor, and haven't replied to any emails or even sought out the knowledge base for their own improvements (which are obvious).

 what im seeing is new life being brought into old(er) technology (as the 50d) and reducing the market for canons new line(s) or products (which is where they make their $)... so, thinking its like the PS3's initial release architecture, being able to run linux, and be turned into a mythbox... you'd think Sony would've been all happy and release pre-installed versions of a new(er) ps3 with mythbox already rolling, but instead, sony went backwards (in terms of usefullness to humankind), and created new rules, and o.s.'s and even changed the original users rights agreement making it 'illegal" to alter its original os.... to now, the newest ps3's won't even play ps1 games any longer, as the original ps3's still can.. being the higher price for a really old ps3...which is just more valuable b/c it wasn't locked down....

so, my long winded point here is that Canon is more focused on you buying new cameras, and keeping it simple, and stable.   

 and what i really don't understand, is after google released the g1, which was rootable, (i still have one, and it still works even w/out a sim card (over wi-fi)), the andriod cell phones are the best on the planet (b/c now i have a 'new' windows phone, which seriously sucks, and is half the phone my g1 is (albeit the win phone is faster with 4g).    but now im just ranting.

hope you get ML for your 70d soon...b/c from my exp. in 3 days of use (on a 60d), i am more than impressed...
the motion detect
the audio remote shoot
the intervelometer
the audio
the rack focus
the powersave modes in liveview... i just cannot even explain how happy i am to have installed ML.

and, if Canon does wake up to its power, and work with ML, and maybe even support ML to develop software and features for new cameras, then they would be like what google did for cell phones with the andriod... and make the world a much better place for camera owners.... they could even release updates for all their standard firmwares....but this might change their warranty and muddle things up (especially if the warranty is over).
 i am (was) a Nikon owner too, and if there was ML for nikon, i would never have moved to canon... but now, after i saw the power of ML, i will never go back to, anyways...
welcome to the forum.


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Re: Can't wait to hack my new 70D!
« Reply #2 on: September 07, 2013, 02:12:36 AM »
Thanks Falkor

It's funny that you mention the Sony PS3 thing because I've always said how Sony is the first to take away features, or make you pay up the ass for them with higher end products. They realized in the 90's that people were using their consumer cameras for professional use, so they took away buttons and buried things in menus and made the zoom completely unusable.

But being how Canon has a whole line of more expensive actual DSLR type cinema cameras, they're probably hoping that if people wanted expanded features, they should just buy one of those. I think they don't realize how ML has opened doors for budget film makers and led otherwise non-buyers like myself towards their product.

But there really is something that we (as a ML community) can do. We could ALL email Canon. If we directed several hundred or even a thousand emails to Canon strongly urging them to participate with ML, and expressing how it could be a money maker for them, it might get the ball rolling. I know Engineering supports ML, so maybe the "Higher Ups" have a negative view that needs to be fixed.