[MAC OSX] I discovered that Compressor is a superfast proxy maker for DNGs

Started by LeoBigiaoui, August 30, 2014, 04:52:04 PM

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Hello guys,

First of all, sorry for my bad english, i'm french.

I would like to share a nice tip with you, as i've never heard of this on the forum. Compressor is able to read DNG Sequences and therefore create Movie sequences in the format you want. The best reason to use this software to render proxys is the speed. I think it's 5x times faster than After Effects, and as i can't use Resolve (because i've macbook pro 13" with GMA HD graphic card), it's very nice. The second reason is that it is very easy to create batchs.

To render the proxys, you have to follow these very easy steps.

First, select the folder containing the DNG Sequence. If you want to select multiple folders DNG Sequence, you have to select the Folder containing ALL the DNG Sequences.

Now, you have to set an output. You can create multiple outputs for each sequence (two resolutions for example)

Select the output

Click start batch

As you can see, the proxy is pretty clean, compared to the original DNG frame.

What do you think about this technique guys ? Have you tried it yet ?
Memories of Vietnam, my last RAW DNG video https://vimeo.com/99503341


Great !

I had never thought to use Compressor for that before (how stupid of me); that will get me a more powerful workflow, and simplify it. Thanks you !

It is also possible to stretch an image vertically (for crop mode/slow motion video from ML.)
Quick how-to : select the codec (exactly like on the OP's fourth screenshot), then go to the video pane of the inspector and select the correct frame size for your project.