RAW liveview on PC monitor via USB

Started by Yaros525, September 04, 2013, 03:24:19 PM

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Hi, don't know where to post this, so its here for now )

LiveView monitoring tool (alpha .002)

You'll need Windows PC/notebook with USB. Read !readme.txt
Plug-in your camera and run EOSView.exe.

Unfortunately, since there is (almost) no usable in-camera review for the recorded raw clips,
me and my friend made a little program to monitor (and record to file) canon liveview via usb cable.

Its fast , fullscreen etc...
But, when you set RAW Video to ON, usb stream cuts. There's just no more data sending.
Is it by design (of forcing raw registers?), or made for the perfrormance reasons?

Would love to hear from devs, can we allow the usb stream to proceed in LiveView?

P.S. Tried and tested on 5DMk2


On 6D it works in photo and movie, same on 50D I think (just need to block LV resize when USB connected). 6D it does 30 or 24fps so you could in theory record it. I'm actually going to try monitoring over USB with my GPS/Tablet thing and my phone. I haven't tried recording yet but just turning on raw is fine.


For 5DMk2
LV Display : [Photo, ExpSim] and [Photo, no ExpSim] is fine, I receive live stream.
LV Display : [Movie] , I have no data received.

Well, LV Display: [Movie] is fine )
Its actually RAW video : ON cuts the stream. Once you turn it off, stream alive again. Tried all options inside RAW video for no effect (
But...monitoring with RAW video enabled _is_ the whole point of our tool.


On my stuff you can record in photo mode if you so chose.


You may check this post:

If you read through, you can find the exact same problem. I even did a short demonstration video of that problem.
But sadly, nothing has changed since...
5D2 ML RAW + VAF-5D2b: http://vimeo.com/69350650


I see now... Thanks for the link. It's truly dissapointing.

For the mods: can I post the link to the liveview monitoring program here? It's a software solution, or should I go to the Hardware/Accessories itstead?


On 50D I still had raw + usb at the same time.. just had to bypass the screen resizing.


Quote from: 1% on September 05, 2013, 03:36:06 PM
On 50D I still had raw + usb at the same time.. just had to bypass the screen resizing.

Is that something we can do in a setting (bypass resizing)? Or could you code a version with that option? I don't quite get it. It would be really great to monitor via usb while shooting raw!


WOW this app is amazing! thank you so much Dmitry and Yaroslav. It's Working on my 7D, but i forgot to test with raw recording enabled. Will test later.
7D Builds with RAW support: http://bit.ly/14Llzda


@Yaros525: Your app works with 550D also (Windows 7, 64-bit). On entering ML menu (on camera), app on PC says "Live View suspended". The camera image immediately comes back to PC when leaving ML menu. If you turn on RAW video, however, and then exit ML menu, Live View remains "suspended" and there is no picture transmitted to the PC. In short: what he said! But very cool app anyway, for H.264 for now. Focus peaking, RGB, HSB (don't you mean HSV?) and Zoom all work as well, as well as indicators for picture style, aperture, etc. Lag seems to be somewhere under half a second. Full screen works great with this app, so that if you have a 1920x1080 monitor, you are seeing your HD image pixel-for-pixel, which is amazing for focusing purposes. Also, it works differently from Canon EOS Utility, which, as far as I know, will not show the camera image in full-screen.

All in all: great start, super monitoring solution for H.264. Cheers!
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Quote from: Yaros525 on September 04, 2013, 03:24:19 PM
But, when you set RAW Video to ON, usb stream cuts. There's just no more data sending.
Is it by design (of forcing raw registers?), or made for the perfrormance reasons?
Works on 5D3
With camera on in video mode connect ubs cable
turn on EOSview
All functions are OK!

This can also be done (not as nice) via EOS utility provided by Canon under Remote Shooting and then LiveView Shoot.

Nice app, congratulations
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The Eos View software is awesome! Thanks Yaroslav and Dmitry.

It works like a charm but when start recording with the camera (5DMarkII) the FPS falls to 3 (in a desktop PC AMD FX6300 Windows 7 x64) and to 1 in a windows tablet (Dell Venue 11 Windows 8.1 x86). It falls a little with the official  EOS UTILITY but not like that.

Is this normal?... I want to use the Dell Venue 11 for monitoring and your app is indeed the best option. It's like a dream: Full frame, only a little lag, fluid video monitoring... but when I start recording I wake up... the FPS falls and make it unusable.



Program didnt see my 6D with magiclantern-Tragic.2014Feb08.6D113


Hi! Thanks for the wonderful software. It works perfectly on a Canon 550d. I was wondering, though, if there's anything that can be done to avoid displaying the controls on the screen. I need to screen the image from the camera fullscreen in a computer, but I would like to screen the video image alone, without the controls. Is there any way to get that? Thank you and best regards!

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I'm having an issue here too. I don't have an external monitor, and would like to view self shot MLV RAW interviews via usb. Any updates on this?
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