Raw 600D (T3i)

Started by onegreenev, September 03, 2013, 07:36:34 PM

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With H264 it does, but the sync isn't exact.


No need to have it perfectly sync'd. I just tried to use audio recording and could not get anything to play back. Not even when I opened it in QT. Shows x amount of MB file size but has nothing in it to play?


No go with Audio Recording. Still no go with RAW either. It is odd because I see others have it working in RAW and even have RAW video published. ? I am miffed at this.


Well I have been hammering away at this and installing and reinstalling and looking around the menus and found a few items. I have the latest nightly build. One issue I now have is white junk all over my camera monitor. Looks like white snow static. But the good news is I was finally able to get some RAW video without it shutting down. :) and I also got audio record working. Or it is working. The results are no better than what I get when I don't have ML installed with my little Shotgun mic. My Production Mic is best but I must use an external source then sync. No real big issue. Making headway. :)

Nice thing is that the nightly build allows more video settings. There is so much out there it is mind boggling.


White snow?! can you show a screenshot?



Here is a quick video of the static. I'll leave my server up for you to see. http://greenev.zapto.org/static/Static.MP4

Here an image:


That's zebra, and it's supposed to move...

edit: and it does, but it also shows that you'll get pink frames.


Ok, figured out where to turn it off. Decided to turn it back on. Noticed it went away in brighter areas and got worse in darker areas. So what are Zebra's and how does it help you take better images. I have my settings pretty low for RAW video on the camera. I noticed that when it dropped frames it shut off the video. If it does not drop frames it will continue to record. Now for the next question. What program do you use for processing RAW Video? No Quicktime or FCPX. Mmmmmmm. Another road block. Aperture works OK for RAW images. Looks to keep lots of detail that you can dig out and still have good looking images. Now to do this for RAW Video. I have some OK older manual 35mm lenses and hope to get myself a 5D Mark II or III so I can utilize them to their fullest. Something the current Black Magic Can't do. At least not until they actually come out with their 4k Production camera in Super 35. Looking into that once it actually comes out so I will continue to play and use my T3i to its fullest extent. I have a couple lenses that work great for doing MACRO work which I really like.


If you have to ask what are zebras, you probably should not use ML. Sorry.

and read the sticky topics.



Actually, if I do not know something then someone should be kind enough to teach rather than say don't bother. That is why I am here, to learn. That means someone needs to teach. Where then are the teachers?


I think the problem is that you ask about stuff 20 people asked before you. We don't have enough hours to answer EVERY question and it gets a bit repetitive at times.


Quote from: onegreenev on September 04, 2013, 05:57:26 PM
...Where then are the teachers?

At the Magic Lantern Film Academy of course  ;)
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QuoteAt the Magic Lantern Film Academy of course

Figured that is where I was at? Guess I made a wrong turn and got the locker room.


Quote from: a1ex on September 03, 2013, 08:09:29 PM
Should we just drop the 600D support from ML, since nobody is maintaining it?

Please dont drop it... Im not too fussed on the RAW on the 600D but really like other functions such as Dual Iso etc.


Quote from: Doyle4 on September 13, 2013, 06:05:57 PM
Please dont drop it... Im not too fussed on the RAW on the 600D but really like other functions such as Dual Iso etc.

Yeah, don't drop the 600d.   Your doing a great job ...