Turn off record buffer info feature.

Started by Markus, August 27, 2013, 01:03:10 AM

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Is there a plan to make it possible to turn off the record info when recording raw? Its great for testing but once you got reliable card and want to focus on your subject matter it's in the way and very distracting. Maybe this feature already exist and I just haven't found the off switch?


It will probably look all different when MLV is done.



For now, you can probably use the pravdomil's source to build raw_rec with some features like which are you talking about (different styles of interface including no info at all, black borders around frame during recording etc.)

I'm succesfully using my own slightly modified builds from this source on 550D and 650D. Works nice.


Pretty sure its allready there if you talk about killing the number of frames etc when doing raw.
Go into raw and then interface.