Flicker when exporting from ACR ever solved?

Started by Kabuto1138, August 09, 2013, 05:09:17 AM

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Hey Gang,

I know this was covered a few months ago when the mayhem for RAW began, but I am still getting some weird exposure/flicker type weirdness when using ACR.  If I remember correctly the only solution at that point was to use the "Process 2010" setup instead of the "Process 2012".  But I am still getting that weird flicker.  Did this ever get resolved?  or is there another workaround for this?



Just read that the new After Effects CC might not have this problem?

Can anyone confirm?


Which Camera are you using?
And do you know what do do in ACR?


Where have you read it Kabuto1138? To my knowledge it can't be avoided even in AE CC


I read it on a post.  But I guess is too good to be true.

It just boggles my mind that I can use the recover highlights or play with exposure in ACR.  Crazy.


Hey Dude, I have the 5d2, I think I do know what to do with ACR.  Basically I can't touch exposure, or highlight recovery to avoid this.


You can touch exposure, you just can't abuse of highlight/shadows recovery. These tools evaluate avarage light and dark areas to let you control it with -100 to 100 values. So it's all relative to current still, it doesn't know you opened up 540  other similar stills XD.
I dunno if I explained my self correctly. And no, that's not definable "flicker".


WHat if you applied a bright white spot and black spot with the brushtool in lightroom on all the pics and applied highlight and shadow recovery after that. Before export you simply remove the black and white spot on all the frames. Wouldn,t the recovery count in the white and black spot as reference? Am I lost?



I abused the hell out of the shadow / highlight recovery sliders in this video I shot and didn't notice any flickering.  I think the flickering has to do with extreme / quick changes in exposure (Like someone walking right in front of the camera, quickly in and out of frame may make the sky flicker)

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Yeah the flicker happens when using the recovery and fill light sliders.  You need to substitute them by using the tone curve instead.  It's also worth noting that if you set exposure to 'auto', it can change between frames too, so always make sure it's on custom.

If you're trying to get a flat/log profile, I made a thread about this the other day with a flat profile I made: http://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=7903.0


The flicker will happen (to a lesser or greater degree) with ACR Process: 2012 (Current). This is due to the 'automatic' highlight recovery that this process uses without informing you of it. It operates 'invisibly' so, as an end user, you will be unaware of the changes that its making.

It will do this based on each frame and seeing as each frame will be different in a video sequence you may encounter the 'flickering' or just unusual/unpredictable changes in exposure.

The following video discusses in detail what is happening with the ACR Process 2012. Please take some time to absorb what is put forward. It is enlightening. Controversial stuff indeed (in my humble opinion of course).

Take a look: http://www.guygowan.com/focus/focus1.php
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