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Started by Nyte, August 26, 2013, 10:07:49 AM

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Just saying hi! Looking forward to browsing these forums for all my DSLR needs. Gotta say guys, amazing job you're doing!

I recently graduated and never had to own a camera myself since Uni covered everything equipment wise, but since I'm done with that I need a camera and to be really honest I'm totally getting a 600D/T3i even at this point it looks like a great choice, specially for someone fresh off the boat...if I can say so...the fact that it's fully supported by the Magic Lantern pretty much made my choice.

So yes, looking forward to be using Magic Lantern and all it's amazing capabilities.
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WELCOME NYTE  :D You will have a full blast with ML  :D


Just a little update!

Got myself a 650D, going to get delivered to me in an hour or so, first thing I'm doing is putting ML on it and testing out RAW!
Canon 650D/T4i - Nifty Fifty/Plastic Fantastic


Awesome :D I'm new as well

Tell me about your RAW video experiences ^^


Well, I did a little test video and I've gotta say, it's amazingly sharp and has so much more details compared to 1080p h 264. I was shooting at 1280x720 I think (or 640) and scaled it to 1080p in Premiere Pro. (Got two Samsung SD cards both are more than the T4i's speed)

Also there's the red dots problem on the T4i which is easy to fix using PinkDotRemover, so yes. Amazing RAW capabilities. The only thing that I'm missing are the audio meters in liveview.
Canon 650D/T4i - Nifty Fifty/Plastic Fantastic


Great camera choice. Enjoy it.
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Canon 650D/T4i - Nifty Fifty/Plastic Fantastic