Author Topic: Galdessa Camp 5D2 RAW, HDR RAW and well, some good old h.264...  (Read 1972 times)


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Galdessa Camp 5DII RAW, HDR RAW and h.264 video
Here is our latest addition to the ML RAW portfolio, although there is some h264 footage in there too… even some coming from the t3i, mainly because we’re still stuck with a single 16gb 400x card, two 1000x 64 gb cards are coming next week, so things will be easier soon!
We graded this with Filmconvert Pro, its is the first time we implemented this plugin and I must say it is also the first time I am happy with a color preset and it really speeds up the grading process and takes out a bit of the guesswork, therefore great plugin. Conveniently there is a competition over at filmconvert pro so we of course submitted this video, therefore if you think we deserve it please head over there and give us a vote, a like or a tweet, we’ll love you for it!
ML 5D2 & T3i