Need help with 'PictureStyle' and 'REC PicStyle' Menu Options

Started by pipkato, August 14, 2013, 08:00:02 PM

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Although I've read the wiki and checked online I'm still confused about the Magic Lantern 'PictureStyle' and 'REC PicStyle' menu options.

If, while in setup or shooting, I want to always see the 'Standard' Picture Style on my Canon LCD, but to record in a flatter style like CineStyle or the ProLost settings do I:

1.  Set 'PictureStyle' to 'Standard'

2.  Set 'REC PicStyle' to my User Defined, flatter, e.g. (0, -4, -2, 0) Picture Style.

Or to summarise - Is PictureStyle for monitoring and 'REC PicStyle' for the recorded result?