Confused about T4i/650D support

Started by benlen, August 08, 2013, 03:13:41 PM

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First off, greetings everyone on the Magic Lantern forum. I'm a newbie, and this is my first post, but for the past couple months since I heard about Magic Lantern I've been really impressed about what's going on here.

I've also really been anticipating the RAW video movement and getting that up and running. After seeing far sharper DSLR video coming from a hacked GH2, I'd been regretting my purchase of a T4i (I've always been a Canon guy for stills, and am a student, so it seemed a natural upgrade) because even with ideal settings, the video just hasn't been as sharp.

The RAW video seems to level that playing field, at least for the 5D Mark II.

So here are my questions. I apologize if the answers are already available somewhere, but I've had a bit of trouble navigating the site!

1) Is the T4i/650D supported for a stable/alpha release of ML? On the main page it lists the 650D as supported, but when I click on the download page, it doesn't list the 650D/T4i as either a stable release or Ports in Progress––what's the deal?

2) Is it conceivable that in the near future the T4i will be able to shoot RAW video at 1080p for an extended period (beyond a few frames) or is this camera just not going to be capable of this?

3) What's the post processing like for the RAW video? I've found conflicting answers about this. Some folks say that you can't import on the Mac. I'm confused!

Thank you for reading!


Walter Schulz

Please read and - after reading - rephrase your questions still open (or new ones).

Native 1080p/24 or 1080p/25 in RAW (= not resized): Don't see that one in my crystal glass.
You know Canon's "1080p" output is resized, denoised, sharpened, etc.?


PS: Your confusion is understandable. MLs main page doesn't cover latest developments. You have to look into the forum to keep up-to-date.


Thanks for the quick reply Walter! That answers more than a few questions! I'll wait on trying it on my T4i until some more issues are resolved.

As for the whole native 1080p and what not, I'll make the admission that I'm ignorant of the technical side.

I've seen some videos on Youtube of folks shooting with the alpha version of ML for the T4i. They claim what they're doing is "shooting RAW video at 720p and resizing to 1080p"

This makes my head spin a bit, hahaha! Shooting Raw at 720p? Those two things seem in conflict. How does that work?


Hey Belen,

I am  a post pro, and I also purchased the T4i, the best way I found to record uncompress video is using and external recorder that connects to the camera via the HDMI port can record uncompress video and also make several compressions like apple Prores422 for FCP or Avid DNxHD for AVID systems. This way there is no re compression and you can post right away.