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Started by noisyboy, August 05, 2013, 11:52:15 PM

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Quote from: hbr on August 22, 2013, 07:38:11 AM
I was wondering, if it can be possible to write 10bit or 12bit RAW instead of 14bit RAW.  That would be nice. File size will be much smaller, and the quality will be still pretty high. So maybe higher resolutions and frame rates would be possible.

Indeed wood be nice  ;D   ...but this has already been discussed in this forum, use the search for read about that.


Quote from: arrinkiiii on August 21, 2013, 11:54:35 PM
u welcome  :)

Uhmmm... with this build/version never go above 600. In this moment im able to record continuous 1728x 576 by 3:1  My card is also slow for raw, it's a sandisk 8Gb 60mb/s   ...but even with a 1000x the record speed/frame rate is almost the same because of this build/version for the 7D. Hope this limitations and the Lv freeze will be fix soon.

Actually I get 1472x626 on my Sandisk 16GB 60mb/s    I haven't managed any higher than 626 though.


Hello there, long time lurker, been shooting with the Raw_rec.mo for this last week and yeasterday this idea hit me, sadly I'm no programmer and people smarter than me probably already have tried this, but I still want to give you guys my five cents, LIVEVIEW problem: can it be that one (Slave) processor does the Liveview whilst the other the recording (Master) in the 7D's original settings? And that these collide and take resources from each other, with the magic lantern code? And that this is why the Live view don't work and the Raw cannot go to full 1080p? Some programmer who have any thoughts about this? I am as I said not familiar with the ins and outs of these things, just a thought.


Quote from: Kim on August 22, 2013, 07:11:45 AM
I suppose that two serious issues with bootflag are:
1- "bootflag on" makes the camera much slower to start which is problematic when you want the camera to be quickly available for shooting.
2- Also, you can not easily get back your camera to the initial condition.

Am I right?
1. you can disable auto power off and then no annoying delay but you need more battery
2. you can easily disable bootdisk flag (I provided a diff file in the 7d thread which can make the bootoff.fir from the original Canon fw)
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I am no coder. Looking through the raw_rec.c, I have got a feeling that 7D freezes while pressing that + key might have something to do with the fact that some EOS models uses the + key to start recording RAW, so there might be a possibility of conflict. Just my wild guess.

I am wondering whether there is a way to change these two lines in the RAW_REC.C. It is worth a try I guess:

line 2025-2029:

  /* start/stop recording with the LiveView key */
    int rec_key_pressed = (key == MODULE_KEY_LV || key == MODULE_KEY_REC);
    /* ... or SET on 5D2/50D */
    if (cam_50d || cam_5d2) rec_key_pressed = (key == MODULE_KEY_PRESS_SET);

Can we change line 2025 to this?
/* start/stop recording with the LiveView key */
    int rec_key_pressed = (key == MODULE_KEY_REC);

I don't know, it might work, say worth a try


BTW, I use the AF-ON to focus, when I press that key, 7D freezes too.


@arrinkiiii haha, of course somebody already thought of that ;-) I just read through everything, interesting indeed....
I will try to contribute to that as soon as I finish my fucking dissertation....

I also read that MLV is under development, so I am guessing it will help a lot as well...


I'll compile with that code, just hang on, but i think it wont work because it hangs a second or two after the key has been pressed :/
7D Builds with RAW support: http://bit.ly/14Llzda


Maybe we can completely disable that "key press" block( a little bit violet though) :P


i assigned rec key to the set button, didn't work :/ Raw zebras still work while recording, is just the 422 liveview that crashes
7D Builds with RAW support: http://bit.ly/14Llzda


TKS, Britom. Maybe I should zip my mouth.


LOL no man, contributions like you just did are necesary for this think to move on, so thanks for helping :)
7D Builds with RAW support: http://bit.ly/14Llzda



Yes, i also think that the MLV file will bring good things.

@mucher, britom and all 7D users

At least we try and i think is a good thing  :)


indeed britom. Let's go  :D


Quote from: Kim on August 22, 2013, 07:11:45 AM
I suppose that two serious issues with bootflag are:
1- "bootflag on" makes the camera much slower to start which is problematic when you want the camera to be quickly available for shooting.
2- Also, you can not easily get back your camera to the initial condition.

Am I right?

Put a non-ML card in and its 100% back to normal, or just remove the autoexec file and the ML file on your card, and reformat.

SUPPOSEDLY there's a small chance it can permanently brick your camera (either through overheating of the sensor, or a firmware lock up, or something else I don't fully comprehend,) but I know of no cases where this has happened.

You are correct about the start times though, it's probably only slower by a couple seconds though (which can be all the difference).

As far as I'm concerned the pros far outweigh the cons.


Hi Everyone,

Been reading through these forums for a few days now and I've successfully gotten ML installed and the raw_rec module up and running at 1600x600.  I've been pixel peeping the footage a bit and while it's really impressive I have noticed a few things. 

All footage suffers from a particular noise in the shadows that shows some vertical banding - not that attractive.  As far as I can tell this is down to the Canon sensors and is present in all ML raw footage I've seen - including well-shot 5D mark iii footage.  Is there any improving this or are we down to the capabilities and/or limits of the sensors?  I might start exposing to the right a stop to combat this (is that why there's an ETTR feature in ML?)

More importantly I've noticed what i can only describe as a parquet-floor pattern in some of my shots - almost like jpeg-style compression.  Is this a result of some ML setting or is it due to something with the 7D?  Should I be modifying the bit rate or something when I shoot?  I also saw that people were changing their photo quality to S2( small - not fine jpeg) in order to get more frames fro silent picture burst.  Is this affecting the raw quality at all?

FYI i'm using a sandisk extreme 16gb 400x, the thomas worth build of raw_rec.mo, and problems are present in both silent picture and .RAW files....



Hi guys!,

Thanks for all the work done, i've ready many posts on many pages and now im just confused out of my mind. i finally decided to join the forum for a remote case i might be able to help
fellow 7D owners :)
ive installed the latest magic lantern firmware and all the extras with the nightly builds etc. but i keep getting errors with the modules, am i doing something wrong ??


Here , if you follow the steps in this thread you should get it running properly



has anyone successfully shot 60p at any resolution on the 7d yet?


Hi everyone!

i have a problem with my 7D, the camera do not recognice the battery (also original ones)

do you think i will have problems installing magic latern?




So after my brain almost exploded, i managed to make liveview work while recording. I guess the problem was that we were not using a free edmac channel.

Original edmac-memcpy.c was using channel 0x11, that was busy in the debug menu.
uint32_t edmac_read_chan = 0x19;
uint32_t edmac_write_chan = 0x11;

So i added this line so it uses channel 0x04 instead
#elif defined(CONFIG_7D)
uint32_t edmac_read_chan = 0x19; 
uint32_t edmac_write_chan = 0x04;

Liveview now works while recording but the recording rectangle disapeared. Lets continue working :)

Here's the new autoexec.bin:


Don't forget to copy the modules too. Im not a programmer by the way, so im probably misunderstanding some things.


Edit: I just reviewed the files that i recorded and they're empty, so i'm probably an idiot :P. Anyone can confirm?

Edit 2: Changed to 0x05 to 0x04. Updated autoexec.bin. Some pink and skipped frames on my slow card, but liveview works! I will continue to try new values.

7D Builds with RAW support: http://bit.ly/14Llzda


NO WAY   :o

AHUUUUUUU  =DD  What i can say!?!?   :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(  of happiness  ;D ;D

Edit: Damn man, you killing my hart  ;D  Im going try for see if the files are empty  8)


hi.i tried the new autoexec.bin end no option of raw rec in magic lantern menu,live view dosent start,modules dosent load
i notice your new autoexec.bin it's smoller than previous 406kb compared to 466kb
keep calm and keep trying

ted ramasola

can't load modules, camera froze.
5DmkII  / 7D


Hi there! You all are doing awesome job, but this time situation is the same - new module freezes my camera with gop_set: err 1 0 0. I thought this could be because of other modules, I deleted them but still the same. But thank you britom for trying, I am sure that success is close!