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Started by nanomad, August 03, 2013, 07:27:52 PM

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For the new MLV (raw v2) and MLV+sound is anyone able to record 720 continuously?

I know raw v1 records 720 perfectly, but i've been hoping to adding basic sound.  i have a uhs1 card and cant seem to go past 40-60 seconds before a skipped frame.  It shows its going at ~36mbs (my card maxes at 45mbs write speed) and still skips.  I'm pretty sure its the limited speed of the 650D's controller, but that means 720 isn't going to be attainable w/ MLV.


I've got continuous 720p 23.976 with MLV+Sound with one of these

Do you have small hacks enabled?


Hello guys,

This is my last video with my beloved 650D. I recorded it in raw and my workflow was as follow: shoot everything with a lot of care of not clipping any highlight in the focus ponts area (the damned pink dots), use batchelor3 with raw2dng_cs2x2 to extract the DNGs, develop them in After Effects with Adobe Camera Raw and exported a clip with all the videos in Black Magic's 4:4:4 10bit codec. Then I edited it in Premiere Pro, added a LUT and some grain... whoa! Takes a lot of waiting for all those operations, but I love the end result!

ML's raw option has opened a new world of possibilities for this little camera. Great colors, latitude, shadow recovery, detail... it blows up 1080p h264 from the camera. Even scaled up! The pros are really more important to the final image than the cons (little aliasing, chromasmooth for removing the pink dots...) But really have to know raw is not for everyday projects.

I'm sure you guys are going to like it!!  :P

andy kh

awesome video!! which lens did you use?
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Thanks Andy!

I used mostly the Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 and Canon 50mm 1.8. Also some few shots with the Samyang 85mm 1.4. Used cheap ND filters as well to keep a wide aperture.

Walter Schulz

For those struggling to achieve continuous 720p in RAW/MLV with cards < 64 GiByte:
Use a cardreader and format your card with ExFAT file system.
I tried SanDisk Extreme Pro (95 MByte/s) and Extreme (45MB/s)  with FAT32 and failed after about 5,5 GByte written to card. No matter what tweaks I tried to manipulate.
Now I'm able to fill the cards and able to use some overlays, too. It looks like the cam will not be that happy with splitted files but tolerate some overhead by overlays/Global Draw.

Things to test now: MLV vs. RAW. If using MLV: You have to enable big files (> 4 GB) in Movie tab -> RAW video (MLV) -> Files > 4GiB (exFAT) ON
Looks like RAW has less overhead than MLV.

If you format your card (if < 64 GiB) inside the cam it will be formatted with FAT32 and you have to use a cardreader to get exFAT again.


Hello. Is the process for the 650D done?


Please be more elaborate.
What do you mean by "process"?


The development for Canon 650D. Last updated 7 October :)
It would be interesting if "dual_iso" works without RAW.



Hi, I use Magic Lantern in his cell canon 650d, and very grateful Magic Lantern. Thanks to you I was able to shoot better video and photos, and get a really convenient way. However, the last two months have not seen updates Magic Lantern for my camera 650d and 6d. I also noticed that other camera updates do not go to the beginning of October.
Very grateful for the work done, but I would like to receive new features that would shoot the video. Prompt please, development will continue?
Sorry for my english, I'm from Russia, translate Google-translator.


Please read the post of oct 29 of A1ex , it looks like some of the devs have run out of spare time, but they will be back.

If you look at the source:

You can see the lates commit is of Nov 22. So its just slow at the moment.
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hi guyz I realy need help  i can't find raw recording in movie mode ..  :'(

magic lantern was installed successefuly ! i'musing 650 d and this version of ML :


RAW Recording module(s) need to be enabled from the module menu in ML.  Once enabled, they will become available after a reboot of your 650D. and or
I've yet to play with RAW video but they are there in the module section.


the problem is the M tabe dosn't appear in the top right corner  :/



is there headphone monitoring? or is anyone working on it?

Walter Schulz
There is a rebuilt sound interface on the way but no timeframe is and will be given.
My advice: Work with the things available and get around those not there yet. Don't wait for things to come.


please, help my raw video in magic lantern always turns out orange, in the camera everything looks fine perfect white balance, but when try to process in adobe bridge its orange i tied all the camera profile in adobe bridge still can't fine the same look as my camera.


Are you shooting RAW or MLV format? Only MLV has white balance metadata, and only some converters interpret it correctly. Otherwise simply set the WB in post. If it's so bad that no amount of WB adjustment will fix the problem (very strong pink or green cast), you may have incorrect black level. You can fix this with exiftool, some converters have some way to fix it as well.

andy kh

650D mlv test. converted to cdng and removed pink dots with rawcdng
5D Mark III - 70D


what is the best resolution to get 25p continuous shooting on the 650d ? I'm using 32gb card with 80mb/s writing speed ! tnx


Hi. I am newcomer. Just learning how to use this nice peace of software. Very good work. Cudos to everyone involved.

I've spent few days reading so far and still there is a lot to go through.

I think I stumbled upon a problem: when I turn on Auto ETTR and set it to Always on or Auto Snap, it ends up displaying message "RAW error" on second shot.

By the way, is there an example how to use this option. Whatever settings I use it seems not to activate (except in Always On and Auto Snap mode, which ends up in error).

When I choose to use Press Set or HalfS DblClick nothing happens when I click them (tried both manual and Av mode)

I understand what it should do, and that is exactly what I want to achieve, but I cannot realize how to use it. Explanations in manual are to basic, and I could not find any detailed explanation how to actually use it, except of plain technical descriptions how it works.


You have image quality set to RAW and ImageReview turned on?

If you turn on raw zebras or histogram, do you see them in QR (quick review)?

Press Set and HalfS DblClick only work in LV.


Hi everyone!
Happy new year.

Very new to Magic lantern but all going well. I came because I was told I could use it to turn off the AGC on the canon 650d, but from my reading it looks like that functionality (or the whole audio menu) isn't available yet.

Can someone clarify for me pls, or if i'm missing something (which is entirly possible) Thank you!