HOW TO: A guide to installing ML on the 7D with recent features

Started by Pileot, August 03, 2013, 09:45:57 AM

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Thanks for the suggestions. What finally did it, and not even taking the battery out and back in worked, was to switch to CA mode instead of M, and that turned the camera on.

I also pulled the lens off, in the mix, so I'm not sure if that had any effect in reviving it, but at least I'm back in business.

I'd been playing it safe without the autoboot. Guess I'll just wait until there's a .FIR version of RAW working.

Is that even feasible? I know at the moment no such option seems to exist.

Val Gameiro
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Austin, Texas



i just tried to remome ML from my Cam (I know it is not needed, but i would like to test something).

I followed the description, but it seems not to work.
The thing i changed insiede the description is that i changed bspatch 7d000110.fir 7dbooton.fir booton.bsdiff into bspatch 7d000110.fir 7dbootoff.fir bootoff.bsdiff
then i put these file on the ML formated card and put this inside my cam.
When i now go inside my cam (started with M) and go to Firmware update (at the moment it says: Firmware-Vers. 2.0.3-ml-v2.3.NEXT) i get the message: Firmware of Card is alter then Version 2.0.0. Remove old version and update with a new version.

What did i do wrong? Can you please help me?

Thank you


It means you didn't alter the 1.1.0 fw with the patch or you copied the wrong fir to the card...
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i am shure i copied the right file :)
so i thing i will be the second option. But i am not shure what exactly you mean with alter 1.1.0 fw? i used the same version that i used for installing the firmware to my cam???


I did it several times and it worked every time for me, so just follow the instructions exactly.
Check the fir file and be sure if not the same as the 1.1.0 and then try the fw update again on your camera.
Make sure you copy ONLY ONE .fir file to your card.
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Hi Pelican,

thanks for the help. Today i did it again slowly step by step and it seems like working.

Maybe someone can help me with some other small issue. When i now go to my normal menu i alway have there some informations in blue printed like 29,7GB or the time and some more. It seems that it is from ML but i dont know how to turn it off for the normal menu. Thanks :)


Yeah, its a bug with the current version. If you need to start the cam without ML hold set as you turn the power on. Set the settings you need, turn the cam off, then turn it on again.

Really not a huge problem as you rarely need to change those settings... Once you get them set your good.


VERY GOOD NEWS!!!  I just shot my very first RAW video today, and it worked great. I shot 1152x648 on my Canon 7D and using my 400x Transcend 16GB CF card.

As soon as I have some spare cash, I'm going to get my grubby hands on a 1000x Komputerbay card. I hear those are decent enough, and have the best price.

I ran into an issue whereby I ran raw2dng, but the resulting .DNG files are 576x324 (half the size). Raw2dng does recognize the frame size, but outputs only half... need to read up on it and figure out why!

But, at least I didn't brick the camera and I'm shooting RAW :)

Thanks everybody!
Val Gameiro
Writer, Director, Filmmaker
Austin, Texas


Hi all

Loving the bootloading version after using alpha 1 and 2 from the cards for a while!

Just a couple of questions that I can't see answered anywhere:

After creating the CF card with the instructions given and loading onto my camera I presume I need to do the same with my other cards, yes?
Or can I just copy files and folders from one to another?
And when I have my settings saved and working as I like them on the first card how do I copy these across to the subsequent ones?
Just guessing but do I just copy the "settings" folder?

I've been trying out the new builds and just copying the whole ML folder to my already bootable CF card - do I need to do this or can I just copy specific files and folders across?
Obviously I am changing the settings by doing this so they revert to default.
Again, would I just need to copy across the modules folder or do I need more to benefit from the latest build?

Many thanks for all this!


If you follow the guide that is all you need to do aside from play with settings in your camera and have some fun!

As to copying new updated versions of ML to the cards, as long as the card is bootable you should be able to just copy paste the files no problem. Just remember that these builds are pretty experimental and use at your own risk.  Not every "update" is "better".  A lot of them are "hey lets try this and see what happens"


Thanks Pileot!

I have just cleared all my cards from filming last Friday and was using just one to check the new build with - I won't need it seriously until January so plenty of time to play around with new features.

My query was that after making all the cards bootable using EOScard do I

1) still need to copy the 7dbooton.fir file onto all other cards?

2) do I need to replace the 7D_203.fir and autoexec files that EOScard created with those from the nightly build or do I just need to replace the ML folder?

3) if I am replacing the ML folder are there only certain folders within it that need replacing?

I guess it may just be the modules folder? - Is this correct?

Or are there others that would need replacing too?
I ask this because after setting up my settings on one card I'd really like to copy my settings across to the other cards. I'm presuming this is only dependent on the settings folder? - Is this correct?

4) ...and finally,  after fiddlling with various aspects of the new build I'm finding some new files in the card's root directory - namely "ASSERT00, ROM0, ROM1, VRAM0.422, VRAM0" - are these important files to copy across to other cards to maintain settings or just temp/scratch files of some sort?

I'm hoping I'm not revisiting too many already answered questions here - if so I apologise as I have read through a LOT of pages of all the related threads.

Perhaps I should move this to a new thread entitled something like "Copying settings between CF cards"?

Many thanks for all your help and this excellent project!



The firmware file is to make the camera bootable, once your camera has the booton patch applied its good to go, no need to copy the firmware to every card.

Once your CARD is also bootable you can copy / paste new ML folders to the card and replace the old one.  Generally, I don't worry too much about having the "latest version" because as previously stated just because there is a newer version does not mean that its "better", sometimes it takes several tries before a new version becomes stable enough to use as a daily driver. 

So on your card you need:
The autoexe file
The magiclantern folders / files
Pictures of awesome stuff!

Hopefully that answers your questions.


Hi folks. I've installed ML on my 7D and I've got cyan inscription on the screen: <FlexInfo unconfigured>. How can remove this?

chris bouk

Quote from: westbich on November 09, 2013, 09:07:59 AM
Hi folks. I've installed ML on my 7D and I've got cyan inscription on the screen: <FlexInfo unconfigured>. How can remove this?

something went wrong during the installation....try to do that again from the beginning...I had the same problem, I did drag and drop the ML files from the new release, but I had in to the same folder the files, this screen means that some of your ML files are double into the folders or something like care during the installation...for me, by doing it to all my cards, helped me to understand the procedure and fine tune my camera...
give it a second try!

Walter Schulz

Delete ML directory and BIN from card, copy the contents of the ZIP to card.


I have some problems too. The Canon MENU shows information that shouldn´t be there, like remaining space (and show it in the middle of the screen). This happens at the same possitions in all original Menu screens.  Any idea?.
I try the entire process twice.

The wrong infoprmation is: Remaining CF (Up-Left) Time (Left) Color temperature (Center) and remaining battery (Bottom)
Thank you, im a little afraid about this issue


Quote from: Walter Schulz on November 21, 2013, 03:42:03 PM
Which ML version?

The Auto-loaded from EOSCard. But like you think, that´s problem of ML Version. I downloaded the last Nightly build from 1% and now everything is ok now, the problem is fixed.
Thank you very much.


Thanks again (late I know but better than never!) Pileot for the advice!

Maybe being stupid here but I haven't had time to tinker for a while, and turns out I didn't bookmark the 7D nightly build module page - can anyone point me that way please?

Also, been doing some fiddling with the Dual exposure module and getting some great results - but admittedly only after a week of reinstalling PS on 2 machines as I thought there was something wrong with it's handling of CR2s - of course I just hadn't converted from the DUAL to DNG format - Doh!

So question #2 is - where can I read up on the ETTR module?
I see it referenced (especially re the DUAL module - which is my main reason for wanting to try it) but can't find any documentation in the FAQ, User Guide or via searching the forum.

Anyone got a link to a description of the basic setup and use of this module please?

Many thanks again!


Walter Schulz


Thanks Walter - that's great!

Any idea where the nightly builds for the 7D have gone?

Thanks again!

Walter Schulz

Quote from: Northwinds on December 18, 2013, 04:55:43 PMAny idea where the nightly builds for the 7D have gone?

1%'s hoster has serious troubles with performance. I got download rates down to below 6 kBytes/s.
The files are there but hidden.



I wondered as I thought that was the page I used before.
I only get " will be down while hosting figures stuff out. ETA is before 2014."
I take it "hidden" means a direct link/path is needed and you're not at liberty to post it here?