Tragic Lantern's Video Features as a module?

Started by jetrotal, March 08, 2014, 10:37:02 AM

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Hi everyone, i already asked this question on the 600D FAQ topic, but i didnt't find a response and i think worth asking about it in a specific topic.

Im currently using the Bitrateback version of TL on my T3i, because it has tons of custom settings, like advanced GOP and Slice Control Settings.

I'd really like to try the nightly builds without loosing all the video features that comes with TL Bitrateback mod.

My question is: is it possible to create a module that can handle all these advanced h264 settings, in the newer TL or ML releases?

I read something about the TL security check settings being different from the ML ones, but I dont know if these settings are essential for these tragic lantern features or if a module can bypass them.

And yeah, I know i can change between ML versions by just replacing files, but i think that it could be a good solution to explore more from ML.

Thanks in advance, and sorry about my poor english speech.


The nightly ML recently regained  the ability to load .INI for tweaks to h264. Not sure about theactual benefits. Gonna do some testing when i find the time
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And the sRAW buffer method... would be very useful.


For bitrate, I've mentioned it here:

and I'm working on a library that allows cleaner patching (with consistency checking, undo support and other stuff like that).

However, for reasons already discussed many times, I'd rather not see the sRAW trick in Magic Lantern. This is something you really need to do at your own risk and with your own coding skills.


Its certainly possible to try it as a module. A little trickier since it has to be portable and cache hacks are model specific.