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Started by purmar, January 30, 2014, 01:37:48 AM

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I know there are a lot of topic regarding timelapse, many of them unanswered.  I would like to find out from the experienced users what is their preferred method for timelapse with 5D Mark II.

I tried the use of FPS override though it seems like the only way to use this during the day is to have set of ND filters.  Is ND filter must have for this, or is there a workaround?

For intervalometer I don't want to use my shutter over and over (my 5d II is old as it is) so I tried to use silent mode, though the resulting 422 files were too small for 1080p video.

Can you guys share your experience and setting for the best (daytime) timelapse?


Unfortunately, to get the very best quality in time lapse, you are going to add to your shutter count.  RAW is best, large JPEG is also very good.



You could try the the nightly builds. The silent mode produces  raw images.
ML became a rolling release model, the latest stable version is kind of obselete.


Yes, I shoot RAW only, though for 1080p video it seems to me an overkill.  And given I make money with my 5D2 I do not want to add too much to the shutter count (well, HDR timelapse shot in RAW would be certainly a fun project, but maybe my last one ;-)   For the same reason (keeping my camera functional) I am hesitant to install the nightly build.

I assume I will look into ND filters and will try to work with FPS override.