CF card success stories for Canon 5d mkIII 1080p24 p25 p30

Started by tronics, July 29, 2013, 07:31:07 PM

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Let us share full resolution 1920x1080 success stories for Canon 5d mkIII   8)

Please post your CF card DNA:
- brand
- size
- 1080p24 or 1080p25 or even 1080p30
- when it was bought (seems to be important for computerbay) ?
- how many you have of it, did you have to exchange it?
- If you are close to continuous and get always > 2.5 minutes you could also put that here but please indicate.

Thank you.


I initially purchased 1 KomputerBay 64GB 1000x card for my 5D3 ML in May 2013, and it work perfectly.

Then I picked up 5 more of the same in the middle of June, and they were even faster!

We filmed a short with all 6 cards, gathering 2.68TB of footage in total (downloading from the cards 42 times) and we didn't have one single issue with anything!  There weren't even any dropped frames.

I did notice, however, that after like 10-12 times through, the cards would initial write at a slower rate and then quickly pick up to full speed.

For the price, I think KomputerBay is the way to go... and their new cards make it seem as though they got the message, and want to be the cards used for ML.


- brand KomputerBay 128 GB 1050x card
- size  128 GB
- UDMA 7
- 1080p25 works continous, 1920x1152p25 works continous, 1920x1152p30 around 20 seconds
- bought 1.August 2013
- how many: I bought 1

This is all with Global Draw On, focus assist, all hacks on.
In photomode S compressed was selected.
RAW + L led to dropped frames in many modes and I thought the card was not as good. Now I trust the card.

I will update this entry during the next 2 weeks in case I find that the card is not reliable.


if you guys happy with that.. i will  def buy one as well  :)


- KomputerBay 128 GB 1000x card
- 128 GB
- UDMA 7
- 1920x1080 p25 works 400 frames max
- 1920x900 p25 works 900 frames max (with Canon menu Raw+L) and works well with Canon menu L (no Raw On)

- bought 30 june  2013
- how many: I bought just one to try and I regret

- Lexar 64 GB 1000x card
- 64 GB
- UDMA 7
- 1920x1080 p25 works perfectly well!
- 1920x1152 p25 works perfectly well too!
- 1920x1280 p25 50 frames only.

- bought 30 june and july 2013
- how many: I bought 3 and I'm really happy!

All the tests with global draw on (with zebra on, cropmarks on) focus peak on, no hack mode)
Canon menu Raw+L


- KomputerBay
- 64 GB
- UDMA 7
- SM2236AC chipset
- 1920x1080 and 1920x1280 is continuous at 23.976, around 1000 frames in 29.97 with global draw, continuous with hacked preview
- May 2013
-Two cards, both SM223AC and both write at around 95 MB/s. I will buy more in the future, but only if they have the SM223AC chipset.
5D Mark III, 7D


Quote from: Sthirasukha on August 07, 2013, 12:28:49 AM
All the tests with global draw on (with zebra on, cropmarks on) focus peak on, no hack mode)
Canon menu Raw+L
You can improve perfomance with Global Draw off and Canon Menu M.
Canon Menu L+Raw is definitly not good because then your buffer is smaller and that makes it not as stable.. practically this helps every card.

As well as heat up the card the first 1 GB might be slow.
I have only problems with my 128GB 1050x when recording more then 12000 frames but this seems more like an ML problem.


Did anybody try komputerbay 1050x but 64 GB?
They are 15-20 pounds more expensive than 1000x, i wonder if they are really faster.
128 GB 1050x seems to be more or less equal speed with 64GB 1000x so maybe 64GB 1050x will give some extra performance.   5D Mark III, 6D, 550D


It would be useful for all to converge here in a more organic sheet, if you find it useful: topic=8000.msg72051#msg72051

Select the first links about the testings ! Many thanks !  ;)
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