5D3 ML - 5 Days, 42 Cards, no explosions

Started by AnotherDave, July 14, 2013, 02:51:41 AM

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So I just finished up a week long, professional, narrative shoot with the 5D3 ML Raw Hack where we filmed on 6 x 1000x 64gb KomputerBay cards for 5 Days for a total of 2.6 TB of data, and some amazing looking images.  I'll be writing something up to share my experiences with the hack soon... but I just wanted to note for everyone: The camera did not explode!!!  Even after running the six cards for a total of 42 rolls... there doesn't seem to be any issues at all.

It is also important to note - many times we were filming in direct sunlight, in HOT rooms with NO AC, and with plenty of lights making the room even hotter!

Stay tuned, and I'll talk about everything I learned.




Hopefully there are some Michael Bay explosions in your footage at least.  ;D


Good to know. But also interesting because ...

I had my first case of overheating over the weekend. It has been some of the hottest weather that we have had in the UK for some considerable time now and I was out in the garden testing my 5DMKII with some RAW video and I had a warning about the sensor was too hot to operate (it was a Canon warning). I felt the camera and indeed it was very hot. I moved her to the shade to chill out.

I am pretty sure this was NOT a Magic Lantern issue however. I believe that (in the same conditions) I would have had the same error with Live View running without Magic Lantern.

It was hot (atmospheric temperature around 27 - 29c). The camera was left in direct sunlight too. I think that under these circumstances most (electrical) equipment would overheat or at the very least not work at optimal performance. It's known that the sensor (at least on the 5DMKII) suffers from increased noise when it gets hot. Maybe the 5DMKIII has better handling of extreme temperatures?

I learnt that it might be a good idea to consider getting an umbrella just for my 5DMKII. However, overheating is not usually a problem for me here in the UK we just had winter and that lasted about 7 years or something like that?
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Looking forward to your updates, Dave.

Quote from: mageye on July 15, 2013, 02:01:17 AM
here in the UK we just had winter and that lasted about 7 years or something like that?

What temps are you guys seeing on average? I have been up to 65 C indoors in sunny north England and seeing no real differences outdoors. I recently watched a doc about when Soderbergh shot Che using the prototype RED. They had surgical ice packs, 237 8Gb cf cards and Benicio Del Toro in some harsh locations. The AC had the 1000 yard stare like he'd been in Vietnam or something.


You beat me: I was out for 17 days using RAW video with 5D3 in Peru with a total of 320 GB recorded.  Will take me ages to process all of this.

First I will have to upgrade my computer so it can be done reasonably fast.

Will be busy for a few days before I can write back.

P.S.  My camera is fine!  No issues, just some crashes when I switched to cropped video.  Pressing the zoom button too fast may be and issue.
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How do you guys record audio? when i use ML raw to record, it seems the camera automatically disables the audio.


Quote from: raywillus on July 16, 2013, 07:53:08 PM
How do you guys record audio? when i use ML raw to record, it seems the camera automatically disables the audio.

I'm assuming it's shot all without sound just because it's shooting individual files and not a video stream, but I could be wrong.