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Started by aaphotog, July 12, 2013, 02:31:16 AM

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Just a bit offtopic:
Are there any drawbacks, when I would like to use a tablet with 2.5K resolution for the same purpose - monitoring.

I was thinking of Onda v973 with retina display, as it's the cheapest of it's kind, offering great image + usb port.
Would it make sense to use it, or the similarly priced "field monitors" with lower resolution are better at this ?



That depends on the data, the camera outputs on the USB port.
If it has always the same (full) resolution, then there's no drawback in performance.

By the way: I sold my Nexus again, since I don't see any hope, that it will be supported by RAW in the future...
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Old thread I know.

@tronics have you used the Blackmagic hdmi -> usb with a Windows tablet?  If it's compelling it could turn this diehard Android guy to the dark side. :)


I read Chat Thread interested in the subject, I want to use the tablet monitronak normal, but because of the live view usb15fps not the real problem.
Asking someone not working on a solution like this:
Easycap adroidra conversion or cheap gadgets? Sort by Mikkel can think of is available at 25fps
Tools are in place, android USB OTG, but someone should write him an apk. You may not understand just ask him level possible idea? Sorry for my bad English google translator).


I havĂȘ a 50D and I wanted to monitor from the nexus 7. Is it possible?



I know this may be a long shot but currently DSLRcontroller only supports on iOS 7 and I have a mini iPad jail broken on 8.1.2 -- so I'm not able to purchase this app from Cydia since there's no way to downgrade from 8 back to 7 ( I know shame on me ) but...

My question now is there anyone out there whom has an iPad Jailbroken via iOS 7.0+ that have access to Cydia and I can temporarily share my account username/password in order for one of you guys to kindly do me a favor by purchasing DSLRcontroller with my account and sign out from my account back to your account...

That way In order for me to try and test out DSLRcontroller on iOS 8.1.2 with my iPad mini to confirm whether or not it work which I think it should but since it's NOT updated for iOS 8 -- I just don't have the patience to wait any longer...

Thanks for reading this!
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Ok - here is another kind of hack.  Get your $65 3X 3.2" screen loupe of amazon.  If you own a 650D, 700D, 70D then cut the bottom out.

You can not only focus check, but with the poke access you can use the touch screen and its features while viewing.

Not elegant but for a 70D it may be the only working way to use touch AF focus pull with ML (when it becomes available and its getting closer by the day).

Probably need a tripod or a shoulder harness to stablizile your camera.
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Days ago there was an entry on slashcam, sending it to a stationary TV - with dslrcontroller and a chromecast-stick.
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Another approach is to perhaps write a wrapper that will support ML on DLSR Controller App.
Keep the design simple: Run ML on the camera, and DLSR controller App on the Tablet. The idea is to run the wrapper on the Tablet, so as not to burden the camera processing one bit (except now it handles a few incoming USB commands).
The gain in functionality is: You can focus check on DSLR controller app, set AF points on the touch screen, and record.  The rest is done on ML using its features, and these are sent as part of the picture to DSLR controller app. Not much is lost here.
You effectively gain ML display on a tablet size screen, and not so many features of DSLR controller app, but instead still trigger all your ML features from the camera LCD.
Then the only thing you have to use a wrapper (running on the tablet), is for three things:
1. update the full picture/display (usb RX from ML to DLSR controller),
2. AF point selection on touchscreen (usb TX from DSLR Controller app to ML), and
3. record (usb TX from DSLR controller app to ML).

A procedure:
* I guess download the canon SDK and see what tools you can use to monitor USB input/output *
- step one: map the picture/display output from the usb with Canon running standard.
- step two: load up ML, then repeat the exercise mapping the same output again.
- step three: write a wrapper that converts the canon ML display output to standard canon display output, as DSLR controller should now display the ML display output.
~~ Having run ML with EOS utility I do think ML can do this but I am not sure about its overlays, which would be needed since we are using ML and not DSLR controller for the features (focus peaks etc.)

- step four: map the AF touchscreen and record button output from DSLR controller app usb to a standard canon usb input.
- step five: get from ML its usb interface:  I wonder if this had been disabled through hack???  Hopefully some inside folks know the answer. Anyways need to be able to trigger a ML record, and update AF (this is likely same as standard canon)
- step six: update the wrapper to covert DLSR controller usb outputs, back to ML equivalent commands.  (hopefully some will document/wiki/provide)

- step seven: test and debug. 
I think this is a lot more doable by keeping the design simple.


FYI Canon SDK's, written in C.

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Anyone with an iPad of any kind on iOS 7.1.2 that would be willingly to do me a favor?

As requested earlier from few posts up above...

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