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Started by bendep, April 26, 2014, 06:47:29 PM

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Hey guys. I'm a mac guy (have a MB air as a runaround) as i love the OS, and am currently in the market for a desktop in which to edit my videos and photos. I aspire to be a filmmaker, so my budget isn't too bad, at around £2000. For that i could get a custom PC with monitor(s) or a new iMac, and i was wondering which you think would be best for my needs? I run Adobe CC...and usually most apps at once...
I have nothing against PCs, just don't have one, and wanted to know your opinions? I shoot RAW on the 5d MKIII.
The problem i have with getting an iMac (even though they're beautiful) is that i don't feel very future-proofed - on a PC i can add and take whatever i want and have a great machine; not so much on the mac.

Anyway, enough rambling, what are your thoughts?

Thanks everyone


If it makes a difference, i also have an iPhone.  :)


Quote from: bendep on April 26, 2014, 06:50:12 PM
If it makes a difference, i also have an iPhone.  :)
Great, this way you can chat with your friends while you wait for your iMac to render...
Jokes aside, nowadays the platform has a little less influence, although I still feel there are more Windows scripts and hacks when it comes to handling ML RAW, but the bottom line is performance to price ratio and optional upgrades (that's pretty easy and straight forward to figure out)
in the end of the day there is no machine out there that is too powerful to handle ML RAW yet thus get what gives you the biggest bang for the buck!   2K GBP may seem like a lot but it won't get you one of those fancy new Mac Pros thus you may just wanna max out a PC to make the most of it!
ML 5D2 & T3i


Build your own. I built a 'Hackintosh' when I got into the ML RAW video.  My MacbookPro was holding up for my photo editing, but when I tried to run resolve I almost burned my pants off with that laptop running so hot.  I too am more comfortable with the Mac platform, especially when it gets down to keyboard shortcuts, so having a custom built Mac that can also boot into Windows is great.  As was said above, many short scripts, apps, etc, for post processing are usually .exe exclusive for a bit, until they are ported.

I ended up with a system very close to the new MacPro (without the insanely expensive ThunderBolt ports, in time maybe an upgrade) while saving over $1000USD, with a nice Asus 27" monitor as well.


I have had both macs and pcs and I have to say I like the apple world better.

If you buy an iMac you get a solid solution that will give you what you need in performance. You also get a nice/neat desktop that looks nice. I had an iMac before i got my macbook air (that I currently do editing on in raw).

If you buy a PC you can get twice the performance for the same amount of money. If you build a hackintosh you get both - great OS together with moneysaving performance. There are tons of guides out there on how to buid a working hackintosh.

My next upgrade will be something that runs OSX. I have not decided if I will just take the easy route and cash up for a new iMac or if Im going to build a serious renderfarm- hackintosh. The nice thing about just buying a ready iMac is that you can concentrate on filmmaking instead of nerding in forums like this :)


 I like & use both , extract/convert ML MLV/Raw on pc ( tools are better) edit etc... on the Mac.
I bought a i7 laptop from Toshiba with SSD, dual gpu's 8 GB ram Win8 but down grade to Win 7 Ultimate $750.0 Cdn
Then Built a i7 OverClock 4.7Ghz Hackingtoss 16GB ram, SSD, GTX760 2GB Vram, CPU water cooler, 700Watt PS for about $1000
On OSX Maverick 10.9.1 . Same Performance as Mid2010 MacPro, Crushes My 8 core dual Xeon MacPro 1.1
Add my AJA Capture Card and Atto r380 Raid host adapter from my MP 1.1 . The best part is the hackintoss is upgradable, Cpu, Ram, video card, etc....
It made working a pleasure in FCPX, or in Adobe with Cuda !
So for under $2000 you can have both ;)