PicoC or TCC Scripting (Module?)

Started by gerk.raisen, June 20, 2013, 05:01:41 PM

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Now that also the TCC scripting part of code is removed...(if I understood correctly the commits)
It's now possible to create a PicoC module for scripting?
Or it's time to start moving the API to TCC and create a specific TCC module?
Before my switch to modules and RAW video I used very often some useful scripts for automatize my shots but now that I can't use it anymore...
I miss a lot the script feature.


Of course. One of the major advantages is that scripting module can be loaded only when needed.

e.g. picoc only when you want to interpret a script, tcc only when you want to compile one.

Scripting GUI will be always loaded, I think.


Any volunteer to restore PicoC script feature or starting to move to TCC? :)